The course of Duke Ellington Morris’ life was profoundly altered. The cat went from living on the streets to work in the medical department at the University of California, San Francisco.

When the Morris family got Duke from a shelter, they found that he was a calm and friendly cat, and Isa, the family’s youngest daughter, rapidly felt close to him. Duke was adopted by the Morris family from a shelter. According to Jennifer Morris, “When we walked into the cage area at the shelter, Duke became very fascinated with my kid.”

Because of this, the family was concerned that Duke could need some time to settle to his new surroundings. However, their suspicions were unfounded, and Duke seemed to be a natural fit in the group. He enjoyed visiting visitors and family members, as well as welcoming them at the door.

Following her observation of how nice and affectionate he was, Jennifer decided to enroll him in the SPCA’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program in San Francisco. When Jennifer saw how friendly and loving the cat was, she decided to put him into the SPCA’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program in San Francisco, where he might provide comfort to those in need.

Some of the patients had indicated a great wish to see a cat, and some of the doctors agreed. They were very fond of cats in general, and some of them had a particular affection for cats in particular. Many other patients, on the other hand, had cats at home and were sad to leave them behind. Consequently, having Duke as a child proved to be quite beneficial.”

Elizabeth Fernandez, the director of communications at the University of California, San Francisco, has also been thrilled by the affectionate cat:

“He’s a great, amazing cat,” said the owner. He has an incredible amount of patience. I’ve seen him in action on a number of occasions, and he has provided wonderful comfort to our patients and colleagues.”

Duke even has his own unique method of transportation at the hospital, which he refers to as a ‘rolling throne,’ which enables him to rest in between patient appointments.

At the conclusion of his long days filled with petting and purring, this wonderful tuxedo cat returns to his beloved home with the little girl who provided him with the chance to communicate his charming nature with so many people over the world.

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