Inevitably, there is one truth that cannot be denied: dogs are the only animals that love humans more than they love themselves. They have earned the right to enjoy a happy life. However, there are many dogs out there that are sincerely loved and cared for until they are towards the end of their lives, which is fortunate. That is shown in the following tale.

In order to grant their dog’s last desire, a kind-hearted couple, Tom and Lauren Antonino, have gone above and beyond to make it happen.

Cocoa, a 16-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever, was given the honor of naming the puppy. She was adopted by the couple when she was a little child and has remained with them throughout their lives. Cocoa had a great time being outside. She adored the music at Monkey Wrench in Suwanee, Georgia, and she enjoyed her time with her owners there as well. The family has embarked on several adventures together, including visits to local breweries and beach excursions, among others.

When Cocoa reached an elderly age, she was unable to travel very far due to her health. The dog’s owners were well aware that she was in her last months of life, so they decided to construct a mobile bed for her and take her on one more beach vacation with the family.

“It’s a straightforward love tale, really.” “She benefitted, and we benefited as well,” Lauren said.

During the journey to Virginia Beach, they were observed by Carrie Copenhaver, a resident of the area. Their narrative had an impact on the women present. She made the decision to photograph Cocoa and post the images on Facebook to tell their tale. It didn’t take long for her post to garner hundreds of shares and comments, all of which praised the couple’s affection for their closest buddy.

Despite the fact that Cocoa went away two years ago, the memories of their days together will live on in her human parents’ hearts forever.

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