Let us introduce you – this is Oscar! He’s a chunky (yet attractive) ten-year-old kid from the state of Tennessee.

His human mother, Dee Dee, tells us all we need to know about her adorable son in the narrative below!

Beginnings on a Lowly Scale
Oscar was found as a stray kitten and sent to a local animal shelter where he was adopted.

He was just around 8 weeks old at the time and was quite small for his age!

Being born in the wilderness undoubtedly had its own set of difficulties.

Oscar was suffering from an uncommon strain of coccidia, a parasite that infects the intestine and produces diarrhea.

He was had to take medicine that was really unpleasant for many weeks (but not as stinky as his diarrhea).

Oscar, on the other hand, emerged victoriously! He handled the situation well.

I called him Oscar after the character from Sesame Street since he is a grumpy morning person!

What can you tell me about Oscar’s personality?
Oscar is unquestionably the ruler of the household.

He’s imposing and in command!

Ultimately, he is the one who determines when he wants to be friendly and cuddly with you.

Cuddles take him from zero to one hundred percent happiness!

The cuddling will continue until he’s had enough of the relationship.

Oscar enjoys lying in the sun on the back terrace and watching the birds and squirrels go by.

He enjoys meals and is really appreciative of everything he has been given!

I have many cats, all of which I adore equally, but Oscar and I have a particular link that only they can understand.

Oscar is one of my closest friends. He is completely and completely in love with me.

He gives happiness to my life, and I’m grateful that I get to spend time with him!

By Anna

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