Typically, when someone is wanting to adopt a puppy, the distinction between one dog and another is determined by how adorable the puppy’s images are. As a result, the dog, or any other shelter animal waiting to be adopted, must be as attractive as possible to be adopted. Taking this into consideration, a teenager has been able to assist hundreds of animals in being adopted.

Darius Brown, a resident of Newark, New Jersey, has had a fascination with animals since he was a child. And all he ever wanted was to provide comfort to those in severe need of assistance, such as animals at shelters. Because of his passion for making bow ties, he was able to realize his ambition by the age of eight. A defenseless puppy was the recipient of the first bow ties fashioned by the now 14-year-old youngster in 2017. Since then, the good-hearted young man has manufactured hundreds of them. And each one has its own unique tale to tell!

“I watched all the devastation that was taking on and I wanted to assist, but I didn’t know how,” Darius said to Rachael Ray on her show. In any case, I was following a shelter on Facebook when I observed that dogs were being transported from Texas to New York.” After thinking about it, I decided that if I donated some of my bow ties to a shelter, the dogs would be adopted more quickly.”

Darius is not only assisting dogs, but he is also helping himself. A few years ago, the sweet adolescent was diagnosed with a motor skill disorder of fine motor abilities. As a result, in order to get over his illness, he began assisting his older sister in the cutting of fabrics for bow ties. And that piece of work touched him right in the heart!

As a large dog lover, Sir Darius decided that since humans look so good in bow ties, it would be appropriate for dogs to do the same. “I know a dog would look so charming and dandy in a bow tie,” Sir Darius said in an interview with Treehugger. Consequently, I produced some bow ties for the puppies in the hopes that they would stick out more and thus be adopted more quickly.

Darius has just decided to start selling some of the bow ties that he designs. The funds raised are used for the same worthwhile goal, which is to assist animals in need. He has sold over 1,000 bow ties so far this year.

“There is a tremendous demand from individuals who want to buy my bow ties, as well as from shelters who want to donate,” he stated. “I’m working on obtaining more support since there’s a lot of demand.”

Darius’ sister has also set up an online fundraising campaign to benefit his business, Beaux & Paws! You may also assist him in his efforts to help shelter animals by clicking here. Keep up with this young man’s outstanding work by following him on Twitter and Instagram!

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