Hemet, California resident Ken Penda, 80, used to spend quality time with his fourteen-year-old dog by taking him on daily walks and providing him with unconditional love and affection.

Ken Penda, 80, of Hemet, California, used to spend precious time with his fourteen-year-old dog, taking him for regular walks and showering him with unconditional love and devotion. He passed away suddenly on March 31.

At-Choo Foundation founder, Elaine Seamans, responded to the request and transported the dog to a veterinary facility, where it was discovered that Zack had a 6/6 heart murmur, severe arthritis, and glaucoma, all of which were life-threatening conditions.

Unfortunately, the dog passed away, leaving his elderly owner distraught! After trying unsuccessfully to get through the pandemic, Ken succumbed to a heart attack not long after Zack passed away. What a heartbreaking situation!

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By Elen

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