However, after wandering into Nathan’s life three years ago, Loki immediately became one of the greatest buddies Nathan could have asked for.

Loki is an indoor/outdoor cat that enjoys taking self-guided excursions around the neighborhood and adjacent places..

In the middle of the night, while driving home from work, Nathan discovered his best friend’s dead corpse on the side of the road.

He recognized Loki by the marks on his body, which seemed to be the result of a car accident. Afterwards, Nathan and his girlfriend carried Loki’s remains to a secluded section of their backyard and buried him there.

Nathan said: “I was incredibly emotional. I was crying and couldn’t believe my cat was dead.”

The next morning Loki appeared, as if he was returning home from a casual stroll.

When Nathan first met Loki, he was completely taken aback by the fact that he was still alive and thriving.

Loki had somehow risen from the dead, and there was no doubting that this was a completely unexpected and astonishing turn of events.

Nathan concluded that he must have accidentally buried someone else’s cat, and he immediately spread the word to ensure that the other cat’s family was made aware of the issue.

Nathan has been wary of allowing Loki to roam free after his ordeal, as he does not want to go through the same heartbreak again.

By Elen

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