Over the years, there have only been a handful of cats that have taken the world by storm because they have a face that is painted in two distinct colors. As an example, not very long ago, there was a cute French cat called Narnia that became an instant online phenomenon when a photo of its split-colored face went viral on the internet. But there’s a new cat on the block who’s attracting a lot of attention because to its unusually colored face, which goes by the name of Maci.

Everybody, please meet Maci, this absolutely adorable kitten with a face that is half gray and half ginger! Macy is a beautiful, adorable, sweet, and chill cat that lives in a nice house with her loving owners and her caring big brother cat, Casper. Macy has a fascinating bi-colored face and is a treat to be around.

In case case you may or may not know already, a cat that has a two-colored face is known as a chimera cat. And with that being stated, we recognize that Maci (and Narnia) are hybrid cats, and we enjoy every moment of watching her be the adorable kitty that she is!

Maci is a highly affectionate, cheerful, and playful cat who just enjoys being happy and playing with everyone who pays her any attention at all. And we really like paying attention to Maci!

Watch the videos below to see Maci and how cute she is in real life!

By Elen

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