The picture of Mason caught Jen Boger’s eye as she was reading shelter animal profiles. Mason was a scruffy senior cat with a “tough man” expression on his face. As the cat intake coordinator for the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation in Northern Virginia, Boger felt compelled to join them as soon as he was offered the opportunity.

As The Dodo’s Boger, who also publishes the blog Pokey Pot Pie, put it, “He was noted as having a rugged look, yet being really sweet and sensitive.” “These fierce old tomcats are my all-time favorite,” said the author of the book. I find that the most of them are rather sweet cats, despite the fact that they are typically battle-scarred and wounded from struggling for their lives on the streets.”

When Boger understood that if they didn’t interfere, Mason may never have the second chance he had deserved, he sprung into action. According to Boger, “just looking at Mason’s picture and description, I recognized he was the kind of cat that would be passed over time and time again by prospective adopters and other rescues since he seemed to be so scrappy, tough, and sick.”

By the time Mason arrived to Boger’s residence, he was ready to put his tough-guy ways behind him. His first few days were spent hiding from Boger whenever she came near, but he soon gained the courage to ask for what he really wants — lots and lots of caressing – and he hasn’t looked back since.

For the time being,” Boger said, “he either waits at the door for us or hurries over to meet us as soon as he hears us coming.” “He adores being petted and will push your hand or arm if you take even a little moment to rest your hand or arm.”

According to Boger, despite his weathered old physique, “he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.” “All I have to offer is a lot of love.”

Mason had been alone for a long time, with no one to look after him, and the loneliness had taken its toll.

According to Boger, “we expected him to come with matted hair, filthy ears, lice, and an overall impression of being little untidy,” when he arrived. On the other hand, he was the saddest, sickest cat I’d ever seen in my life.”

Mason’s ears had been wounded on both sides, and he had significant scars running down both sides of his face. In addition to having scabby fur, he was suffering from a range of health and dental issues, including ringworm.

While Mason is recovering and becoming better by the day after many weeks of vet visits, his brother isn’t far behind. The coach said that although Mason has experienced some health concerns, “it seems like everything is surmountable.” “Up to this point, he’s handled everything that has been thrown at him really well.”

Boger describes Mason as a “gentle, sensitive, small old teddy bear” who hasn’t changed despite his life experiences. And whomever adopts him will have an immediate best friend who is full of love to share with the world around him.

By Elen

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