If you think you’ve already seen the cutest video ever, think again! This video is very adorable! Because this endearing video is certain to melt your heart!

While these two pups were on a boat with their fur parents, having a good time, they came upon something somewhat strange in their surroundings. Unexpectedly, one of the dogs and the most cunning marine creature are going to have an unforgettable and very moving encounter. A curious dolphin has discovered the fuzzy animals and has decided to get closer to them since she is intrigued. However, the marine animal was not the only one who was ecstatic, as the canines couldn’t keep their excitement at bay when they saw the massive monster standing right in front of them, as well.

What better way to make a new acquaintance than to kiss him or her on the cheek? Yes, you did a good job of reading it. The cheerful dolphin rushes out of the water and licks one of the dogs as if it were real. When the shy dolphin returns to the ocean, he makes a beeline for it. However, this is just for a short period of time because he returns with an astounding deed that leaves even the dogs speechless.

Fortunately, someone was able to catch the beautiful event on film. The video is part of the award-winning IMAX classic, which displays the lives of dolphins in their natural environment and has won several awards. “Dolphins” is a film produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films, the company that was the inspiration for the One World, One Ocean campaign. Here’s where you can see the sweet moment:

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