Marilyn, a cat, formerly led a wonderful life. She had a family and a home. She won awards at several shows, but no one could have predicted that her life would take a turn for the worst.

The cat was ten years old at the time. This cat, on the other hand, was out of luck. His owner unexpectedly landed up in the hospital, leaving Marilyn alone.

Water and food quickly ran out behind the locked door of the flat, and he was forced to bite on even the most inedible of foods. The poor animal just didn’t know how to get out of this predicament, which was becoming more dire.

He was fortunate in that regard. Workers from a cat shelter arrived shortly after to remove the cat from the residence. He was very fatigued, and his body was severely debilitated. Following an examination, it was determined that he had ill kidneys, ocular injuries, and cardiac pathology.

The physicians were only concerned with one thing: extending the cat’s life as much as possible. Soon after, a lady expressed an interest in him and was moved by his look and state of health.

According to the new owner, the cat seemed to be in such distress when she first met him that she resolved to do all she could to make him happy. He earned it, after all!

The owner still had two cats, with whom Marilyn first had difficulty communicating; but, with time, he got more affectionate and started to play with the other cats as well.

Now the cat is happy to know he has a house, a caring owner and friends!

By Elen

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