Animals living on the streets have it tough all of the time, particularly when the weather turns bad and they have nowhere to go for refuge from the elements of the world. Is it possible that you’ve wondered where they go when it rains or snows?

It had been a while since the tiny dog in this story had been living with another dog in a sewer tunnel, but a rainfall had taken his companion away. He was left alone and terrified in the wilderness.

Fortunately, someone alerted Hope For Paws to his hopeless situation, and they were able to help him. Eldad Hagar, the organization’s founder, jumped in his car and drove straight to the location where the unfortunate puppy was stuck by a dangerous river. Eldad was able to locate the dog with the assistance of Rescue From The Hart’s founder, Annie Hart, who was standing hopelessly in the dark.

Eldad and Annie, on the other hand, did not have an easy time of it. When the terrified dog saw them coming, he instantly turned and ran back into the tunnel. He continued to run deeper and deeper until he came to a complete stop at the end of the road.

Apparently, Eldad had a difficult time running after the dog since he was always on high alert as a result of his difficult days on the streets. Even when Eldad attempted to restrain the sad child, he was always able to avoid it. In all seriousness, his response is enough to crush anyone’s heart.

That’s when Eldad made the decision to take it easy. It was him who approached the dog, who was hiding behind a chair, softly petting him and comforting him with all the nice words. This guy certainly is a master of the dog whispering art.

“Let’s go back home,” he said.

After a while, the dog began to settle down. This time, Eldad should have no trouble getting rid of him. A green towel had been provided to assist the tiny dog in cleaning his paws when they arrived, and Annie welcomed them. After Eldad’s efforts, he seemed to have complete faith in Annie in an instant. The homeless dog’s heart must have been warmed by the kindness of these kind people.

The puppy (later called Bitty) was sent to The Forgotten Dog Foundation, where he was introduced to Frankie, another dog who had been rescued from a sewer system by the organization.

He seemed to be much happier in the company of his new best buddy, and it was clear that he will have many more joyful times in the future!

Many thanks to you all for performing such an outstanding job!

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By Elen

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