Despite her difficult beginnings, the lovely puppy is one of the happiest you’ll ever see.

The pit bull pup was found as a stray by the Douglas County Animal Shelter in Georgia.

She had worms and skin issues, but despite her illnesses, she was a tiny ray of joy from the moment she was rescued.

She made everyone in the shelter happy and kissed them.

When Pibbles & More Animal Rescue saw her at the shelter, they knew she needed a foster home.

Then, when she was sent in a foster home, her delight exploded.

Her tail wagged so rapidly it flew away.

When Matilda was transported back to her new foster mother, Kerrie Rich, she waggled her tail the whole way.

The journey had already lasted more than an hour, but Matilda couldn’t bear the thought of getting off.

Matilda seems to be indifferent with the past, and she can’t help but show her delight in being alive.

The endearing pooch concentrates on the positive aspects of life and cheerfully shares her happiness with others around her.

She’s now settled in with Rich and is still in happy mood, as seen by her constant wag of her tail.

Matilda enjoys spending time with her new foster siblings and is bringing happiness to the whole home with her activities.

She’s highly loving and can’t help but make everyone’s day better by being around.

When her skin has totally cleared up, she will be ready to go on to the next phase in her journey: finding a forever home.

We’re completely jealous of whoever is fortunate enough to be able to take this gorgeous child into their house for the rest of their lives!

We have no doubt that Matilda will approach the process of finding her forever home with the same sparkling enthusiasm with which she does everything else in life.

Matilda will soon bring enormous pleasure into the lives of one fortunate family, and we have a feeling her tail will wag even harder as a result.

By Elen

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