A little kitten in Thailand did leave his house and take up a brief but productive journey.

The daring tabby vanished for three days before strolling back home and behaving as though he’d only been gone for a few minutes.

The cat seemed delighted with himself, and his family eventually realized that it wasn’t only the excitement of being on an adventure that had made him so happy.

When his family read a small letter hung around his neck, discovered that their kitten had been enjoying the sweet life and pampering himself to some fishy delights.

The message was written by a seller at the local fish market and said, in English, “Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stand, so I gave him three.”

The merchant had also written down her contact details so that the family could find her.

The small kitten had racked up a debt, and he appeared quite content to let his family foot the price.

Fortunately, his family found the situation amusing.

Watch the video below…

By Anna

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