Dogs and cats are often regarded to be unfriendly creatures. They developed to constantly fight each other for whatever reason. This adorable dog, on the other hand, is come to show the exact opposite. Raylan the dog has lately become an online celebrity as a result of a viral video showing him caring for adorable small kittens. The video exemplifies how lovely a friendship may exist between dogs and cats.

Raylan takes on the role of a parent to several foster kittens. He looks after them and lavishes them with affection until they find their permanent homes. These kittens were either abandoned by their moms or abandoned by their owners. There are numerous creatures throughout the globe that have suffered the same fate.

Fortunately, there are good doggos like Raylan, as well as decent people like his owner, who make the world a better place for these creatures by providing them a nice place to call home.

It is likely that Raylan would have ended up put down had he not been adopted from a shelter by his current owner. His explanation was that people were hesitant to adopt Raylan because he had a high level of energy and was untrained.

During his nine-year lifetime, Raylan has provided care for more than 60 kittens. To look after so many children would be exhausting! Raylan’s owner reported that Raylan takes excellent care of these kittens by continually washing them (this is very beneficial when the kittens are very small), as well as playing with them and carrying them about in his mouth. He also prevents the kittens from scratching the couch when they attempt to do so.

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By Nareh

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