Chris Watts is selling the house in Colorado where he killed his pregnant wife and two small girls. The house is now on the market.

There are five bedrooms and four bathrooms spread out over 4,177 square feet of space in the Frederick, Colorado property that is now available for sale for a price of $775,000. From this property, one may get a view of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, which are close by.

In the present moment, the listing is being held by Rovena Flores of Dream Real Estate.

Because Chris had slain his wife Shanann and suffocated his two young girls, Bella, who was four years old, and Celeste, who was three years old, the home became a crime scene in August of 2018. At that point in time, Shanann was 15 weeks along in her pregnancy with their baby.

Chris was having an affair with his coworker, who was under the impression that he had already established his separation from Shanaan prior to the commission of the killings. As far as the authorities are concerned, this was the reason why Watts committed the unimaginable acts.

In November of 2018, he entered a guilty plea to the murders in order to escape the possibility of being sentenced to loss. As a result, he was given a sentence of life in prison.

At a price of $399,954, the Watts family made the purchase of the house in the year 2013. The property records indicate that it was acquired in 2022 for a price of $600,000, despite the fact that it had been abandoned for almost four years after the crimes that occurred in 2018.

In the aftermath of the killings, Chris fell behind on his mortgage payments, which resulted in the lender taking possession of the home. It was after Shanann’s parents had launched a wrongful loss case against him that he agreed to pay them $6 million. This caused his debts to become more than they had been before.

Following the release of the documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door on Netflix in September of 2020, there was a resurgence of interest in the home. A detailed explanation of Chris’s motivation for the killings is provided in the documentary, which also contains a selection of rare letters and text messages exchanged between Chris and Shanann.

One of the Watts family’s neighbors was interviewed by People in 2018, and they said that there was an increase in the amount of traffic on their street as a result of people stopping to snap photographs.

“It’s really bizarre,” the neighbor said to People who were present. “You can always tell who they are because they will slowly cruise around the neighborhood and then get out of their cars and take pictures of the house,” the speaker said. At least a few of them even snap selfies. “It’s revolting.”

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