On the popular television program American Idol, when a performer takes the stage to do a performance for the judges, the crowd at the show, as well as the viewer at home, gets ready to see pure talent.

Contestants have, for the most part, made it through the early rounds to be able to get to the stage and compete in front of the celebrity judges. If they have made it this far, you are aware that they must be of high quality, right? In some instances, they are not only satisfactory; rather, they are remarkable.

During a recent audition for America Idol, this was the situation that occurred. As a result of the incredible performance that the child gave on stage, audiences all around the world were absolutely moved to tears. When they saw what happened on that particular day, the judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie were all taken aback by what they saw. A teenage singer named Shayy, who is still in high school, appeared in front of them, all set to perform an emotive ballad titled “Rise Up.”

On the other hand, it wasn’t simply her singing voice that caused everyone to be so amazed that they were rubbing their eyes. In the moments leading up to her performance, Shayy explained to the panel of judges the reason she was on stage with a cane. Approximately one year before, Shayy had started to express her dissatisfaction to her mother on the fact that she was having difficulty seeing the board when she was in school. It wasn’t until she went to a few different physicians that she made the discovery that she was suffering from a brain tumor.

The physicians were fortunate enough to know what they needed to do in order to preserve her life. Unfortuitously, the tumor was responsible for her loss of vision. Shayy, however, did not let it deter her from singing! She had spent the most of her life singing, one of her favorite activities.

Immediately after the completion of the well-known song, Katy Perry complimented Shayy, saying that her voice sounded like “an angel.” Nevertheless, Lionel Richie was the one who had the most incredible response of all. Despite the tears that were in his eyes, he stood up to give Shayy a hug and told her that she had “wrecked him.” He complimented her for the strength of her spirit and for bringing to his attention the fact that the majority of people are really fortunate. Before moving on to the next round, Shayy was showered with a multitude of embraces and received a great deal of praise from each and every committee member. Our prayer is that she is able to achieve the greatest possible success!

By Elen

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