It’s possible that David Oyelowo was the first person outside of Kaley Cuoco’s close family to find out that the actress was expecting a child.

Oyelowo, who is 47 years old, was at Club SI in Las Vegas on Friday for the Formula One race. While there, he chatted exclusively with PEOPLE about his new film, Role Play, which stars Cuoco and is scheduled to be published on Amazon Prime in the month of January.

Cuoco, who was 37 years old at the time, reportedly did not let on to anybody that she was pregnant while the two were working on the movie, despite the fact that the telltale indicators were there.

“We were filming this scene at a hotel that had been abandoned, and you could tell it had been abandoned due to the foul odor that permeated the whole building. “My sense of smell was through the roof,” Oyelowo remarked to the audience member. “For anyone who has been around someone who is pregnant, their sense of smell goes through the roof.” The odor in this corridor made her queasy, and she felt sick to her stomach. Consequently, whenever we were filming a scene, and we were about to call cut, she would always ask, “Can you smell that? Is that a problem?'”

Oyelowo then said that an alum from The Big Bang Theory would spray perfume on her palm in order to smell it instead, and while he originally thought Cuoco’s behaviors were “weird,” he later questioned if there was anything going on. Cuoco’s behavior made him wonder if there was something going on.

“It got to be so weird that she had to eventually tell me that she was pregnant, and then I had to keep this secret,” he added. “Then I had to keep this secret.” “So, that’s something that probably shouldn’t have happened, but it did, and it was very funny.”

On March 30 of this year, Cuoco and her fiancé Tom Pelphrey became parents to a girl they named Matilda.

On April 1, the couple announced the arrival of their first child, referring to her as the “new light of our lives” with a collection of family images that were uploaded on Instagram at the time of the announcement.

When Oyelowo thought back to the day when Cuoco informed him that she was pregnant Matilda, he claimed that he was overcome with feelings of joy and excitement.

“She told me this, and I started crying, and it was completely inappropriate given the scene,” he recalled. “It was completely inappropriate.” “It was supposed to be a scene in which I most certainly wasn’t supposed to be crying,” the actor said. “It turned out that I did cry.”

Oyelowo continued by saying of Cuoco, “She is a wonderful human being.”

Oyelowo also described the first time he met Cuoco to People magazine, saying, “She presented me with 20 questions that I had to give the answers to so that we knew each other instantly, and we had to ask these questions to each other.” Cuoco and Oyelowo were had to ask each other the same questions.

“But that’s just her,” you may say. She is an icebreaker in the flesh, a walking, live, breathing human being. Oyelowo also said that whenever she travels, it seems as if all barriers are dismantled as a result of her presence. “She just radiates happiness,” I said.

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