Recently, the families of Ella Arundell and Russell Mac were witness to a comical event that took place in their midst. The three children who came from the marriage have shown a long-standing interest in traveling to Majorca for a family holiday. They were able to raise 2,500 pounds, which is equivalent to around 206 thousand rubles.

Imagine for a moment that the kids have already started getting excited about the vacation, and that all of their belongings have been packed. There is still some time left until we take off, but not a lot of it.

On the other hand, Russell and Ella were so careless as to leave their passports on the table. They found out the next morning that their dog had “surprise” papers for the kids waiting for them when they got up.

The lady was seething with rage because she had not prepared herself for the possibility that the much anticipated flight might be delayed.

In the next days, they will attempt to find a solution to the papers at the very last minute. The discarded parts of the passports were gathered up, and then they were taken to the airport so that the relevant authorities could examine them.

Nevertheless, the remaining sheets of paper in the papers were unable to affect the outcome of anything.

As soon as it became clear that insurance had nothing to do with passports being eaten by animals, the family joined in on the anger that was building up inside of everyone.

The couple was had to make an extra payment of 1,000 pounds to the travel agency in order to avoid the tickets from being completely destroyed.

And I don’t think you need me to tell you who was pleased with the result. Bailey, without a doubt! Simply put, Dog is relieved to learn that her owners will be staying in the house.

By Elen

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