Even if they can’t communicate directly to humans, dogs nonetheless have methods of communicating with us in other ways. An excellent example of a dog that is able to attract attention is Vango, an Australian Shepherd who was recently taken away from his owner.

A couple has Vango now, and they want to utilize him to pay for pet supplies at the local supermarket. Vango was well aware that the fact that he was now present at the shop made it the perfect opportunity to create a ruckus. As he started behaving oddly in order to catch the attention of the employees, the criminals’ answers just helped to feed the suspicion that they already had. Vango single-handedly thwarted an attempt to steal a puppy!

Canine trainer Yves Jodoin, who works at Au Royaume des Animaux, observed Vargo enter the shop with two clients who regularly bought cat food. The customers were with Vargo when they made their purchase. After being screamed at by Vargo, Jodoin consoled the dog by feeding it a treat. Even after he had obtained a few nibbles, Vargo continued to bark at him as if he had something to say, as if he had anything to say.
Jodoin questioned the couple about their dog, but it didn’t seem like one of them knew too much about their pet. They were clueless about his age, whether he was spayed or neutered, and what he generally consumed for food. When another member of the staff saw that the customers were avoiding the questions, they began searching for advertisements for missing dogs on various social media platforms.

In point of fact, Vango’s human, Josée Francoeur, had written about him being missing only a few hours before. Jodoin was certain that this young dog belonged to him due to the fact that he recalled having conditioned Vango in the past. As Jodoin questioned the two about where they got Vango, they grew belligerent and tried to avoid him.

When it was taking place, I called out, “Vango, come!

Jodoin reported that the dog was reacting by leaping when prompted. By barking and poking during the whole interaction, he was attempting to convey the message, “Hey, I’m not the dog they believe I am.”

After then, the two individuals admitted that Vango was not their pet dog. After discovering Vango in the woods, they made the decision to retain him as a service animal since they claimed they did not have the financial means to purchase and educate a new dog. On the other hand, Francoeur is of the opinion that Vango was kidnapped since she considers it very improbable that he could have evaded capture.

Once Jodoin had convinced the couple to give up the puppy, the employees at the pet business took it upon themselves to give it back to Francoeur. As soon as Francoeur found out that her pet had been discovered unharmed, she burst into tears of delight. After letting him out to use the bathroom earlier that morning, she found that he had already left her yard. Francoeur went to the police to report the two people.

I don’t want to upset them or make them feel awkward. The reasons behind their actions are unknown to us. Francoeur claims that in addition to taking her child, they also took her newborn. I would want to issue a warning to others not to do this.

While Vargo did not have a microchip at the time, Francoeur scheduled an appointment as soon as possible to get him implanted with one. If Vargo hadn’t drawn the attention of the workers at the pet shop, he would not have been able to find his way back home.

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