When Kameroun, the lovely dog, was only a young pup, he was introduced to Semper Fidelis for the first time. The lady was battling a very dangerous kind of illness that put her life in jeopardy, and all she wanted was a cuddly friend to soothe her in her time of need. The name of the dog, which derives from the Roman phrase “Always Loyal,” alludes to the dog’s extraordinary capacity for love and reliability. He was the perfect example of the kind of dog that Kameroun had always envisioned having someday.

On the other hand, a horrific event took place in the year 2016. Since it would have been exceedingly difficult for her to bring her puppy with her to California for his therapy, Kameroun entrusted Semper to the care of her roommate instead of bringing him along. Regrettably, not long after that, she received a phone call informing her that her sister had disappeared. The poor creature was taken aback.

Kameroun had exhausted all of their options in their search for Semper. Despite the fact that Semper had posted adverts on the internet and had posters up all throughout the neighborhood, she could not be located. She even asked her friends and neighbors for aid.

It would seem that Semper did not have the microchip that is in his body tested before having it reinstalled for the second time. After that, the lovely Husky was put up for sale on the internet with a price tag of $200. The truth about his absence was revealed in this way. After more than two years of shedding tears and holding on to hope, Kameroun and Semper were going to be reuniting for what was sure to be an emotional occasion.
Kameroun is quoted as saying, “I see him as an extension of both myself and my heart.” I’m relieved to hold him in my arms once again.

By Elen

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