Animals, just like humans, are capable of feeling true love for one another. There are occasions when the link between two animals is so powerful that it cannot be severed without causing the other animal some kind of damage. Two young kittens that became fast friends after meeting for the first time at the shelter when they were older Both Luna and Louis were abandoned as infants and found their way to the same shelter in Florida. It was there that they became fast friends and spent a significant amount of time together.

When the young cats reached maturity, they began hunting for loving homes of their own to call their own. The two people quickly responded to the advertising posted by the shelter. As soon as Jack and his fiancee saw a photo of Luna, they realized that they had finally found the kitten they had been seeking for. A few days later, the couple went to the homeless shelter to acquaint themselves with the Moon and complete the necessary papers.

The employees at the shelter were happy for their charge, but they were worried about Louis’ ability to move on following the breakup with his fiancée. According to the guidelines of the shelter, the staff members are not allowed to urge that customers adopt many animals at the same time. To everyone’s relief, there was no call for the pair to be broken apart. When Jack and his fiancée came to see Luna, they noticed that she was sound asleep in Louis’ arms. Jack and his girlfriend were able to interrupt her nap.

The couple’s anxieties vanished after seeing this reassuring picture, and they made the decision to bring home two cats at the same time. The couple had completed filling out all of the necessary papers for their trip to the moon, but they invited Louis along for a trial run anyhow. This decision was taken because young people had never had animals before and weren’t certain that they could take care of a couple right away, but at the same time, they didn’t want to separate a charming pair of companions.

From the very outset, it was quite clear that Louis would also reside in the house shared by Jack and his new wife. The cats quickly became used to their new surroundings and exhibited a demeanor that was quite calm and serene. They did not irritate the new owners in any way. The new house brought Luna and Louis closer together, and the more time they spent in it together, the stronger their relationship became.

After serving a week of his probation, Jack went to the animal shelter, but he wasn’t there to return the cat; rather, he was there to complete the paperwork that was required for Louis to share their home with them. Louis was their new family pet.

Both of the cats have won over everyone in the household’s affections. Even though they had matured into stunningly beautiful creatures, the animals’ true fondness for one another had not diminished as they had grown older.

By Elen

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