Lucky was under the impression that the day he was adopted, he had finally found his folks. The adorable beagle-mix dog was overjoyed to learn that it will soon be moving on from the Green County Animal Shelter of Virginia in Ruckersville, Virginia, and into a permanent home of its own. But things did not remain in that state for very long. Lucky quickly found himself back at the shelter, where he had begun to lose faith that he would ever be adopted by a loving family.

A message that can be seen on the animal shelter’s Facebook page states, “Our heart bleeds so much for Lucky as he is battling to be a shelter dog once again.” It might be trying to have spent more than a month back at our shelter with nobody showing any interest in you.

Lucky was taken home by his new family in March of 2021 when he was only a young beagle mix puppy.

“Lucky’s family cherished him so much, but as he got bigger, it became more than they could manage for a while. ” We were all under the impression that Lucky was a beagle mix and that he would remain a moderately sized dog. According to the article on the animal shelter’s website, “Lucky has matured into more of a hound mix.”

The adorable puppy outgrew his carrier and had to be sent back to the shelter in September. There, his chances of having a better life gradually became less likely.

According to what’s said in the message, “Lucky is genuinely hurting since he was adored by his family.” “He needs every one of you to share him with your friends and relatives in the hopes that he will find a family that is able to take care of his size,” the person said. Lucky is a genuine huge sweetie, and he is under the impression that he is a lap dog.

This article emphasized some of Lucky’s better qualities, such as his exceptional ability to walk well on a leash, his enthusiasm for the great outdoors, and his appreciation of children, cats, and other dogs.

According to what is said in the article, “Lucky wants every one of you to help him find happiness again by being loved by a family.” “Would you kindly spare some time to tell others about this dashing canine?”

After such a lengthy period of time during which he did not get any notice, Lucky at last began to attract some attention as a result of his Facebook post becoming viral.

According to Anna Swanson, the spokeswoman at the shelter, who talked with The Dodo, “He was afraid and apprehensive when he first returned.” “When Lucky first arrived, he didn’t know a lot of the new people in the building, so he wasn’t particularly sociable. Since he loved the fresh air, you might often find him dozing off in the open-air portion of his kennel.

Within a few short days, Lucky was welcomed into his permanent home and adopted by them.

“Lucky is one of the luckiest boys in the world!” according to the most recent post. “Today, Lucky was able to find his new forever family! It just took one family to realize their true feelings for one other.”

It is safe to say that the now-famous dog won’t again have to worry about occupying the space of an animal shelter again. It would seem that Lady Luck was most certainly on Lucky’s side after all.

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