Even though Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt ended their relationship more than a decade ago, the memories of their time together continue to be meaningful to her, particularly in regard to the clothes she wore during that time period.

Goop’s creator and Academy Award winner offered a video tour of her “storage facility” (a.k.a. a wonderful walk-in closet stocked with exquisite historic designer outfits) on Thursday. The “storage facility” is really a magnificent walk-in closet.

She also said that she still has one piece of clothing that she wore during her relationship with Pitt in the ’90s, and that item is a white Calvin Klein dress with floral embroidery.

“I believe I wore it to a premiere when I was going out with Brad Pitt,” she added, alluding to the date night they spent together in New York City in 1996 at the premiere of The Pallbearer. “It’s providing that very ’90s ‘I don’t care an f—-k attitude,” the author of the article said.

Even down to their tiny-framed spectacles and beautiful blonde highlights, the duo was perfectly coordinated. Pitt, for his part, sported a sweater vest with pastel-hued stripes that he placed over a white T-shirt. He paired the top with mid-rise slacks.

Paltrow, then 50 years old, and Pitt, then 59 years old, first became romantically involved in 1994 after meeting on the set of the film Seven. After dating for two years, Pitt popped the question in December 1996 in Argentina, where he was filming Seven Years in Tibet on location. At the time, the couple had been together for two years.

Even though they called off their engagement in 1997, six months after they were engaged, Pitt and Paltrow continue to have a strong connection.

While announcing the debut of his skincare business Le Domaine Skincare in September, he told British Vogue that he admired what Gwyneth Paltrow had accomplished with Goop. “I appreciate what she’s done,” he said. “She is still a very great friend, and she has established herself as the leader of this empire. As a curator, she has always had it in her, and the job has provided her with a wonderful avenue for creative expression. In point of fact, now that I give it some thought, she was most likely the first person who persuaded me to wash my face twice a day… maybe.”

Not only are the items in Paltrow’s wardrobe saved for use in times of exceptional significance, but they are also preserved in case Paltrow’s daughter Apple Martin, who is now 18 years old, ever has an interest in shopping them. “I’ve been putting away quite a few pairs of shoes for Apple. To her good fortune, I have a substantial amount of clothing from the 1990s.”

Apple, who Paltrow shares with Chris Martin, has already taken after her stylish mother in this regard. Martin is the lead singer of the band Coldplay.

The teenager made her debut at Paris Fashion Week the previous week at the Chanel Haute Couture show. For the occasion, she wore a dress and cardigan combo with a checkered pattern in black and white, which is the label’s hallmark motif. In the first row, she was also seen sitting next to Lucy Boynton and Sadie Sink.

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