When you consider that Cameron Diaz makes millions of dollars, the majority of people believe that she must have a staff of people working for her at her house to take care of all of her responsibilities. However, it would seem that Diaz still enjoys keeping her hands on everything that is going on at home, including the preparation of meals.

Diaz has taken a step back from the limelight in recent years after spending many years as one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. At the pinnacle of her career, Cameron Diaz was one of the most in-demand celebrities in the world. She is best known for her roles in major box office hits like “Charlie’s Angels,” the “Shrek” franchise, “The Holiday,” and “Bad Teacher,” as well as a multitude of other films that have firmly established her status as a Hollywood A-lister. According to an article published by The Hollywood Reporter in 2013, Diaz’s career was so successful that she ranked as the highest-paid female actress beyond the age of 40.

Since 2015, she has been married to Benji Madden, a musician who is a member of the band Good Charlotte. In 2019, the couple had their first child together, a daughter named Raddix. Diaz claimed that the reason she wanted to simplify her life was due to the fact that she was always dependent on a large number of other people to assist her with managing ordinary everyday duties.

In April of 2020, Diaz gave an interview in which she discussed what it is like to become a parent for the first time. She expressed her extreme gratitude for the opportunity to experience what she referred to as the “greatest thing ever.”

“I adore my role as a mother. It’s the finest part of my life, hands down, no contest “Entertainment Tonight cited what she stated as having been broadcast on Power’s Instagram Live. “I am so appreciative and so pleased, and it is the nicest thing that has ever happened, and I am so fortunate to be able to do it with Benj, and we are having the finest time possible together. I couldn’t be happier. She went on to say, “I can’t believe it.”

Even though she has made millions of dollars from acting in movies, Diaz still enjoys helping her mother with the domestic tasks. In addition to looking for her infant, she is also responsible for keeping the house tidy and preparing meals.

Diaz said, “I’m either cooking, cleaning, or taking care of my kid — and most of the time I’m doing all three at the same time.” “Evening is the best time for me to cook. I am aware that many individuals despise cooking… She went on to say, “A glass of wine at night helps me unwind and forget about the day.”

After all that has to be done with her husband, whom she referred to as a “wonderful parent,” Diaz relaxes by sipping wine and cooking. She also describes her husband as a “great father.”

“Benji puts our daughter to bed every night after we’ve put her to sleep, given her a bath, and rocked her to sleep. He is quite talented. He is an incredible example of a parent. It’s such a blessing that he’s the father of my child. He is beyond amazing. After he has finished putting her down, I go into the kitchen where I get myself a beautiful glass of red wine. “I start whatever it is I’m going to do, whether it’s cooking, putting on my program, or anything,” she stated.

Diaz said that she devotes her Sundays exclusively to the kitchen. “I find that cooking is a great way to unwind. In the past, I would spend all day on Sundays in the kitchen. “Now that I have a nine-month-old, so now I do it around nap time or when I lay her down during the night,” she said in an interview with Architectural Digest back in October 2020, according to Yahoo. The interview was conducted back in October 2020.

She made an appearance on Good Morning America in November 2021 to discuss with everyone how they may recycle the leftovers from their Thanksgiving festivities, and she did so with the intention of helping them.

During her participation as a guest on the program, Diaz not only discussed her love of cooking but also stated that she does not just prepare meals for the sole purpose of consuming them. In addition to that, one of her goals is to market goods, including the wine company she owns, that are safe for consumers’ health.

“Cooking and eating are my two biggest hobbies. I have a tremendous appreciation for culinary delights. “My buddy Katherine Power and I have been working together to produce Avaline wine for the last year,” she stated. She made the observation that “we discovered that we didn’t really know what was in the bottle of wine that we were drinking,” which was the wine that they were drinking.

Diaz said that the reason why she wanted to know what was in her wine was because she wanted to know what was in everything that she consumed, including the fact that she only purchases organic food at the grocery store.

“So, we kind of dove into the wine-making process and found out that there are over 70 ingredients that can be added without any oversight or transparency, at the very least,” she disclosed.

In December 2022, Diaz made an appearance on the program of her close friend Drew Barrymore, where she demonstrated to the audience how she creates her world-famous shallot gold. Barrymore said that everytime she went to Diaz and her husband’s home, she would always ask Diaz to make the dish for her. Barrymore was informed by Diaz that “the only reason you guys come over is because of that.”

But what precisely is it that Diaz enjoys preparing in the kitchen for her guests? To put it simply, there is a wide variety of options, ranging from steak to fish to vegetables to pasta.

Since I like grilling so much, I always make sure to have some kind of protein available for everyone, which is often either steaks, lamb chops, or fish. After that, I add some vegetables that are in season at the time. Then, a pair of salads, one of which should be robust and include cabbages, the other should be fresh and bright and contain an orange, and last, a large dish of straightforward pasta. “One of my favorite meals is quinoa pasta topped with olive oil, garlic, and vegetables,” Diaz said in an interview with Goop.

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