George Clooney is often regarded as one of the most eligible bachelors in all of Hollywood. However, since since he wed Amal Clooney, née Alamuddin, a lawyer, in 2014, the entertainment industry’s most eligible bachelor has definitively taken himself off the market. Clooney has demonstrated that as he enters his sixth decade of life, he is much happier taking things a bit slower now. He has demonstrated this by eschewing a glamorous lifestyle in favor of spending time with his family — the couple became parents in June 2017 to a set of twins named Alexander and Ella.

This in no way indicates that the entertainment business has moved on without Clooney or that he is a guy who has been forgotten. Because of his extraordinary good looks, charming personality, and kind nature, he is a fan favorite. After a report surfaced a few years ago claiming that Clooney had given each of his 14 closest pals a million dollars as a present, the actor has now gone on the record and explained the circumstances around the donation.

It is not often that a superstar would be so kind as to give out a total of $1 million to fourteen different individuals, but George Clooney is not your average A-lister. It wasn’t until his close buddy Rande Gerber went on the television and shared his tale in 2017 that it was discovered that he had performed this kind act in 2013. Prior to that, he didn’t make it known that he had performed this nice action in 2013.

In spite of this, Clooney did not either acknowledge or reject the existence of this truth until an interview with GQ in November 2020, during which he discussed the reasons for his actions. His interview offers insight on the sort of guy Clooney is, and it goes to demonstrate that beneath the glitter and glamour surrounding the celebrity, Clooney is an ordinary man with an incredible personality. [Clooney] is a man who is remarkable in his personality.

In 2017, one of George Clooney’s close friends, businessman Rande Gerber — who also happens to be Cindy Crawford’s husband — told MSNBC that the actor had given each of his 14 closest and dearest friends and family members $1 million. This was the first time that the news of the incident became public. Gerber go on to recount the anecdote that “very much sums up who George is,” as reported by Today.

He provided the information that on September 27, 2013, a group of them known as “The Boys” were specifically asked to attend supper at the residence of George Clooney. Gerber went on:

“There is a black Tumi bag, or baggage, sitting in front of each of us at the table. You know what I’m talking about.” George starts his speech by saying, “Listen, I want all of you to understand how much you’ve meant to me through the years and how much you mean to me at this point in my life.” When I was in Los Angeles, you kindly let me sleep on your sofa. I am very blessed to have each and every one of you in my life, and without each and every one of you, I would not be where I am right now. As a result, it was of the utmost significance to me to be able to offer something back while we are still all here together.'”

Then he ordered the boys to open the luggage, and inside each one was a million dollars in $20 notes, making the total amount one million dollars. Gerber said that everyone present was astonished and wondered, “What is this?” Clooney continued by saying that while they had all gone through tough times and some of them were still going through it, they would no longer have to be concerned about their children or their mortgages. Gerber added that for some of the guys, it was a very life-changing amount of money, and Clooney had even paid all of the taxes on the money. Gerber also mentioned that Clooney had paid all of the taxes on the money.

Gerber, who was already successful in his own right, made an effort to turn down the money, but Clooney, who was fast on his feet, made another statement in which he claimed that if Gerber didn’t accept the money, then nobody else would receive it. It goes without saying that Gerber complied with Clooney’s request and graciously accepted the remarkable present.

Despite this, Clooney has not mentioned the event in any of his public statements since it took place; nevertheless, he did discuss it in detail in an interview feature published by GQ in November of 2020. It would seem that everything came to a head following the tremendous success of his picture “Gravity,” in which, rather than receiving payment, he and his co-star Sandra Bullock earned percentages of the takings from the movie, which turned out to be quite successful. Even though he had previously met his future wife Amal, the two of them were not dating at the time, and he also did not have any relatives.

“At the time, I was a bachelor. We had all reached our senior years. I was somewhere about 52 at the time. “And the majority of my pals are much older than I am,” he said.

In an interview with GQ, Clooney discussed the reasons for his actions and described them as follows:

And then I realized that the one thing I do have is these men, who have all been there for me in one way or another over the course of the last 35 years. When I was without money, I would sleep on their sofas. When I was completely out of money, they gave it to me as a loan. They assisted me whenever I need assistance over the years. In addition, I’ve been of assistance to them throughout the years. We are a close-knit group of buddies. And then I realized, you know, that I wouldn’t have any of this if it weren’t for them. Because of how close we are to one another, I’ve decided to include all of them in my will in the event that I am tragically killed. Then why the f*** am I sitting around hoping to be run over by a bus?

At that moment, Clooney had the kind of notion that could only be found in a movie, which was to acquire cash, put it in a bag, and give it to his devoted pals as a present. He went on to explain in the interview that he had to find out how to get such a large amount of cash all at once, which led him to “an hidden place” in Los Angeles that trades in “huge pallets of cash.”

It was just like a scene out of a heist movie: he grabbed a beat-up flower van and drove it into the city, where he took the van down an elevator to a vault and stole the money out of it. It would seem that he had only shared the information with his assistant and “a handful of security men who were s**ting themselves.” To tell you the truth, based on the body of work he’s produced, if anybody is going to pull off a prank like that, it’s going to be George Clooney! The star’s amazing kindness and love for his pals completely transformed their lives for the better as a result of the star’s actions.

It would seem that the rules of karma have taken note of George Clooney’s extraordinary act of kindness. The process of getting the money and presenting it took place over the course of two days, September 27 and 28, 2013, and nearly precisely one year later, on September 27, 2014, Clooney married his wife, Amal. When Gerber initially related the event, he said the following:

“That right there is some good karma,” the speaker said.

You now have the evidence that not only is George Clooney attractive, brilliant, and so many many other things, but that he is also an amazing friend who understands how to give back to people he cares about. Well, there you have it. The year 2022 saw Clooney’s 61st birthday, and he is a devoted father to his twins Alexander and Ella, who were born the previous year, in 2017. He does not cease his daily ritual of celebrating life with his loved ones.

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