Ruth Hamilton is the proud owner of Toby, a dog that is described as being both pleasant and sensitive. Ruth and Toby make their home in Canada.

Since the young woman took the stray puppy home from the animal shelter, he has been her loyal companion and dependable guardian, never leaving her side and always being there when she needs him.

And just the other day, Toby demonstrated once again why he deserves the title of hero!

Around 11:30 p.m., Ruth was sound asleep when she was jolted awake by Toby’s loud and persistent barking.

She distinctly recalls how he continued to bark as if to tell her to “Wake up.”

She turned over to the other side of the bed, and a few seconds later there was a resounding thud that occurred just over her head.

The impact was triggered by a piece of meteorite that drove into the Hamilton home at an extraordinary speed, broke through the roof, and landed precisely where Ruth had been resting only a few seconds before.

She recalls, “I leaped out of bed, and Toby did stop barking.” “I jumped out of bed.” “Then I found myself wondering, ‘Has it really taken place?'”

The young woman gave a piece of the meteorite to a group of experts, and they were able to verify that it originated from outer space.

The proprietors of other surrounding homes confirmed that they saw a meteorite fall to Earth on the same night.

They explained to me that if meteorites penetrate the atmosphere, there is a possibility that they may trigger an explosion. Hamilton hypothesizes that the dog’s hearing is superior to ours, which explains why the dog responded to what it heard. “However, there is no way for us to know for definite.”

By Elen

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