Without their four-legged companions, it’s hard for me to see how human society might work. They are not only aimlessly roaming about pleading for food, but they are also putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations by volunteering. This incident, which took place in Ukraine on October 20, 2014, is only one of a million instances of dogs who have the bravest souls.

After a big burst, gas and flames broke out at this company that specializes in the military sector. It caused flames that burned everything in their path as they scorched the land. Because there was no way to put out the flames, those living within a few kilometers of the region were forced to evacuate because they had no other alternative.

In spite of the fact that there was only one route out, a dog ran quickly in the opposite direction of the one that led out. In the meanwhile, the owner was unable to stop the flames from spreading since he was unable to fathom the motives behind his pet’s actions. But out of nowhere, the dog returned, this time dragging a lifeless cat behind him by its hind legs in his mouth.

The kitten is the dog’s closest friend and playmate. As a direct consequence of this, the dog’s first instinct, while the home was on fire, was to try to rescue his human buddy.

This heartfelt deed became widely known across the community very fast. It would seem that very few of us human beings would be able to think logically under such circumstances.

How many of us would be prepared to give our lives to save the life of someone who we care deeply about? Animals, in spite of their incapacity to communicate verbally, will always find a way to show that genuine love and compassion are there in the world. In addition, the dog in this anecdote deserves our thanks for the affection that he gives without conditions.

By Elen

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