Now that we have your attention, we have some exciting news to share with you. Our savior, Mr. Avahit, will introduce himself to us together with the kitty that he saved, Godot.

On Friday, December 15, Mr. Avahit was on his way to work when he came upon the body of a passed kitten. When the cat was found, it only had one eye functioning properly.

As soon as the event occurred, Avahit made an appointment with a local veterinarian. He came to the conclusion that the kitten needed medical attention in order to make a full recovery. The kitten’s life took a dramatic turn for the better at this juncture, and Godot was spared.

According to the reports, the eye that was lost might have been lost naturally over time or removed surgically. Following the administration of few drops, the kitty was moved to her new location.

According to the veterinarian, her eye was on the verge of swinging up to the size of a ping-pong ball, and if she did not get medical attention, it would have an effect on her brain and cause her to pass very suddenly. Godot needed emergency medical intervention. We were both waiting for the outcome of the operation that had been performed on the cat.

It was a pleasure for us to put together the gifts that we ultimately sent to Mr. Avahit. When we handed him the present, he said to both of us, “It’s quite nice to know that you’re thinking about both of us.” At this very moment, I couldn’t be happier… ”

We were all happy, but particularly Avahit Bey since he had prevented the passing of an animal. Because Godot was able to make it through the process without losing his life and accomplish it effectively.

By Elen

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