Volunteers in North Carolina showed incredible bravery when they discovered six pets abandoned in a confined cage after Hurricane Florence. Before anybody could come to their aid, the dogs came dangerously close to drowning in the rising surge waters. They were found barking and attempting to get away from the front of the enclosure while they were still sitting on their hind legs against the front of the pen. The owners of the property in Leland, North Carolina, had abandoned both the home and the animals in order to get away from Hurricane Florence before the discovery of the creatures was made there.

The dogs can be heard whining in the footage as volunteer rescuer Ryan Nichols of Longview, Texas, wades into the water around knee-deep to get to them. Nichols unlocks the chain link fence that had been keeping the dogs confined in the cage, and within seconds, the dogs swim free, crying and wailing as they do so. The rescue personnel pursue the dogs as they make their escape into the woodland area that is nearby.

On Sunday, the floods caused by the flooding in North Carolina reached a height of four feet, and they are still rising. According to accuweather.com, the highest level of flooding that is anticipated to occur in Jonesville close to the Yadkin river is 26.6 feet. Twelve individuals have already lost their lives as a direct result of the storm in North Carolina.

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