When a lady went outdoors, she saw a young dog helplessly laying in the garbage and she immediately stopped to save it. He was by himself, he was terrified, he was ill, and he was famished. The lady was under the impression that he had been deserted by someone and was left to fend for himself.

When she saw his precarious situation, the nice lady rushed him to a veterinarian, where he received the appropriate medical treatment and attention he needed.

Following their examination, the veterinarians determined that he was around two months old at the time. His eyes were diseased, and his body was infested with fleas due to the terrible circumstances he was living in. As a result of experiencing diarrhea, he is unable to move normally and is quite weak. They swiftly washed his body and provided him with the most advanced medical treatment as well as compassionate care.

During the first few days in the clinic, the puppy was still timid around humans and didn’t place any faith in any of the staff members. On the other side, it seemed as if he had come to the conclusion that he was in capable hands with the assistance, care, and affection of the staff. He started the process of healing from his exposure to mankind and eventually turned into a healthy and happy puppy. As soon as the veterinarian determined that he was no longer in danger, he was obliged to go to his new foster home.

His foster mother will take care of him without a doubt until he finds a family to call his own permanently. He overcame all that had occurred to him in the past, and now he is living happily as he waits for the ideal owner to come along. We have high hopes that he will be welcomed into a warm and caring home by wonderful people who will take good care of him. Furthermore, it is quite clear that they have no intention of ever deserting him, regardless of the circumstances.

I am so grateful to you for assisting me and taking such good care of this beautiful and lovable dog. I hope that he has all the success, all the luck, and all the love that he deserves and that he has many happy years full of joy and love in a beautiful house that will be his forever. May God bless you and everyone else that helped!

By Anna

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