This is the tale of how a little girl, just 11 years old, rescued the life of a stray kitten by providing her with the safe and loving environment she so urgently needed.

Animal rights groups were already aware of the kitty’s predicament when it came to finding a foster home for the kitten. According to Alyssa Smith, who is a co-founder of the non-profit organization for animal rights, “The tiny youngster was quite small. “He’s probably about four weeks old, but he’s about the size of a one-week-old,” she said. “He’s definitely around four weeks old.”

When it was rescued, the poor cat was in a dreadful state and was only about half as large as it ought to have been by that point. But in addition to that, it was really adorable and lovable.

A mother and her son, who is 11 years old, have volunteered their assistance with foster care. Before they really had it in their hands, they had no idea how little it actually was.

“He was barely 240 grams, which is half the size it was expected to be, and the corners were a bit rough,” the boy’s mother said of her son’s birth weight. Due to the fact that it looked so much like a mouse, she and her son decided to call it “Fluffy,” after the rodent.

They were kind enough to give the pocket kitten a good shower and took turns feeding him every couple of hours. He was really well taken care of by them.

It is Fluffy’s favorite pastime to climb up onto the human’s shoulders and purr, but with a volume that belies its little stature.

Erin, the mother, said that her son enjoys “perching” on her shoulder and “looking around.”

“When he doesn’t doze off, will not really caress, and doesn’t eat, he sits on someone’s shoulder and feels like the lord of the situation.” “Once he doesn’t doze off, doesn’t eat, and doesn’t caress.”

The stray cat eventually started to put on some weight when it was adopted into a home where it could get love, attention, and tender care.

In spite of the fact that he is not very tall, he makes up for his size with his bubbly demeanor. He started running and leaping as soon as he realized how to utilize all four of his legs, and his enthusiasm caused him to do so.

The only thing that interests him is running over the shoulder next to him. What more do you need other than his purring and his caressing you? Erin says.

The mother explains, “He’s a wonderful jewel, and we know that over the course of time, he’ll develop into a gorgeous diamond.”

Erin continues by saying, “He really loved hanging out with our adopted kitties and seems to enjoy caring after them.”

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