Nikki Glaser, a popular comedian, was unable to purchase tickets to the highly anticipated Eras Tour by Taylor Swift and therefore turned to Instagram in an effort to locate an available seat.

if we are to believe E! News, Glaser, who calls herself a Swiftie, had the idea that an agent could “hook me up” with tickets to the event; however, “no one came through.”

Therefore, Glaser did what everyone else is doing, which is scouring social media in an attempt to find an affordable ticket.

“I put up a sad Instagram post being like ‘I didn’t get tickets,'” Glaser told E! “Then my followers began sending me direct messages saying things like, ‘Hey, I got tickets. Do you want these $5,000 for floor seats?’ and I would respond, “Sure, but do I go alone?”

Fans of Glaser assured her that she would not be venturing out on her own. As a matter of fact, she mentioned to E! that her admirers were thrilled at the prospect of having the opportunity to participate in the event alongside her.

She stated, “So now I’m pleading with my fans: If you need someone to go with you to a Taylor Swift event, I will travel to that city, I will pay for a ticket, and I will go with strangers.” “So now I’m begging my fans: If you need someone to go with you to a Taylor Swift show,” she said. “Because as a Swiftie, I feel like I have more in common with a random Swiftie I’ve never met than I do with some of my best friends.” 

She went on by saying, “So, everyone out there who needs a person to go with them to a Taylor Swift concert, I’m your girl.” “I’m your girl.”

Tickets for the Eras Tour were notoriously difficult to get when Ticketmaster suffered a meltdown during the Verified Fan presale, which resulted in the cancellation of the general sale for tickets by the industry giant that sells tickets. Tickets for the tour are currently being resold on third-party websites at prices that are thousands of dollars more than the original purchase price.

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