Throughout the years, Donnie Wahlberg has been the object of affection for a great number of young women, particularly during the heyday of the boy band New Kids on the Block, which he co-founded and which flourished in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In spite of the fact that he was known as the “bad boy” of New Kids on the Block during his time with the band, he finally established himself as a responsible adult with a family. Wahlberg has more than just a pretty face; he also possesses a kind and kind spirit.

Kimberly Fey and Mark Wahlberg tied the knot in August of 1999. They are the proud parents of two sons: Xavier, who was born in 1993, and Elijah, who was born in 2001. Despite this, they came to the conclusion that they no longer wanted to be married and filed for divorce in 2008, which was almost ten years after they had tied the wedding.

Jenny McCarthy, an actress and TV personality, and Mark Wahlberg first crossed paths in 2012, but they didn’t get back in touch until the following year. In March of 2013, Mark Wahlberg appeared on Jenny McCarthy’s talk program, which was titled “The Jenny McCarthy Show.” Following the publication of a piece in Us Weekly in July 2013, rumors began to circulate that Mark Wahlberg and Melissa McCarthy were dating.

Let’s fast forward to April 2014, when the pair made the announcement of their engagement on “The View,” and then fast forward again to August 2014, when they were married.

Both Wahlberg and McCarthy already had children of their own when they got married, and now the resulting blended family is something all of them really appreciate.

During an interview that took place in November 2019 with Us Weekly, Wahlberg referred to McCarthy as a fantastic mother and stepmother to their children.

“She is the finest stepmom and mother,” stated Wahlberg, in addition to being the best wife that he could have ever imagined having. “She is the best wife that I could have ever imagined having.”

At the time of his birth, Evan Joseph McCarthy, whom McCarthy had with her former partner John Asher, was given a diagnosis of autism. Wahlberg stepped up to become the father of McCarthy’s kid and treated him as if he was his own despite the fact that McCarthy’s child was the product of an affair with another man.

Evan is a fascinating human being, according to Wahlberg, who is a very proud father to his son.

My kid is quite intelligent but tends to keep to himself due to his reclusive personality, which is one of the unique aspects about us as parents. Therefore, he is not the “Hey, dad.” figure. Let’s go outside and have some fun together,’ or ‘I love you, dad.’ He is not like that at all. However, he is able to hold his own in a discussion,” was what he stated of him.

Additionally, Wahlberg developed a relationship with McCarthy’s kid that he wasn’t able to have with his own children. This connection was very important to Wahlberg. The same can be said for McCarthy, who developed a strong friendship with Wahlberg’s kid.

Therefore, we are now a part of one other’s life, and our children have a connection with the children of the other parent in a manner that they do not have with their own children. “Therefore, with Evan, Jenny’s kid, I have all these fantastic possibilities to connect with him that I don’t get with my son, and Jenny can now sit down with my son and speak about,” he commented. “I don’t get any of those opportunities with my son.”

McCarthy acknowledged that Evan’s and her life have evolved as a result of Wahlberg’s presence in their universe.

Before I met Donnie, it was a really challenging situation… McCarthy told Page Six that being a single parent is really challenging, and being a single mom with a child who has special needs adds a whole new layer of hardship to the mix.

When McCarthy was telling the tale of how they got engaged on “The View,” she was fighting back tears as she explained that Wahlberg included Evan in his proposal, and that when she accepted, her son screamed, “I have another dad!”

In the end, Wahlberg demonstrated that his feelings for Evan are more than simply words. In point of fact, he has already covered Evan’s college tuition, which McCarthy said was Wahlberg’s present to her for the holiday season.

“Early on, Donnie surprised me with one of the nicest presents ever, which was essentially that he was paying for Evan’s college tuition,” McCarthy recalled. “I don’t even know how to express it, but basically that he was taking care of Evan’s college tuition.”

Even going so far as to post a congratulatory message on Instagram for Wahlberg’s stepson on the occasion of his 20th birthday.

“To my wonderful stepson @evanjasher, I wish you a very happy birthday on your 20th! In a message on Instagram, he wished Evan the “happiest day ever” and added, “Hope you have the happiest day ever.”

However, McCarthy is not the only one who had good fortune. Even Wahlberg said how thankful he was to have discovered someone like McCarthy, saying that he could not be more appreciative.

“She’s a fantastic partner, and to simplify it, having someone to develop traditions with my children and it being Jenny is probably the thing I’m most thankful for,” Wahlberg said of his wife Jenny. “She’s a terrific partner.”

McCarthy has said that she and her partner do not want to have another kid at this time, despite the fact that they had discussed the possibility of expanding their family at one point. She described their plans in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying that they want to devote as much time and effort as possible to their children from prior marriages while still making the most of their time together.

McCarthy said, “I’m at that age when it’s like really tick tock.” “I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I really, really sort of still.” “And both of us agreed that we take such pleasure in the other’s presence, despite the fact that we had shared three children from our past partnerships. Therefore, we want to be able to offer them all of our energy while still being able to enjoy our senior years,” she said.

During the same interview, Wahlberg reaffirmed that he and his wife would not be having any more children but instead would devote their time to the care of their dogs.

“We’re trying to figure out what to call our new dog,” stated Wahlberg. “Because it’s sort of like our baby, we ultimately decided to call it DJ, which is an acronym that stands for Denny and Johnny. He went on to say that “we won’t be having any more kids.”

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