Beverly D’Angelo isn’t sugarcoating her experiences when it comes to talking about some of her former love affairs.

In the most recent edition of PEOPLE, the National Lampoon’s Vacation actress, 71, talks about how she fell madly in love with Al Pacino, 82, in the 1990s while she was still married to her husband, the Italian duke Lorenzo Salviati. She did this while she was still married to her husband.

She and Salviati parted ways shortly after meeting at a party in Los Angeles in the 1980s and had a comprehension, she explains: They’d each go off and have their own fun, “but if there were any catastrophes or anything, we’d come back together,” says D’Angelo, who is now starring in the comedic thriller Violent Night. 

“I always had the impression that the guys I was hanging out with thought it was hilarious that I was married since they knew there would be “no responsibility here!” But when I met Al Pacino and told him about my little arrangement, he responded, “Well, that’s insane,” and we didn’t talk about it again “She goes on with the discussion.

D’Angelo reached out to Salviati to provide an explanation. “I said, ‘I’m in love.’ Oh, Beverly, who is it this time? [D’Angelo imitates an Italian accent] He goes, “Who is it this time?” And I responded, “Well, it’s an actor,” to their question. He responded with, “An actor? No, absolutely not; I’m not an actress. And I said, “I genuinely love him and we’re talking about having kids and he thinks it’s crazy that I’m married and now I’m thinking it’s crazy too.” And he replied, “It’s insane that you’re married and now I’m thinking it’s crazy too.”

Salviati, according to D’Angelo, continued to protest. “He said, “Oh, that’s silly!” in response. Who on earth would think that such a perfect relationship is crazy? Who is playing this role? I responded by stating, “Well, it’s Al Pacino.” He utters the following: “Al Pacino, that guy is great.” I love him. We divorce!'”

The couple parted ways in a civilized and uncontested manner. D’Angelo is quoted as saying, “We just signed these documents.” “I believe that was the moment when my future mother-in-law first started to adore me. It took her fifteen years to realize that the marriage was not an attempt by me to acquire a title of riches or status for myself.”

In 2001, when she was 49 years old, D’Angelo and Pacino became parents to twins named Anton and Olivia. She and Pacino broke up not long after that, but she remembers their time together with a lot of warmth and affection. According to D’Angelo, the best present that Al has ever given her is the opportunity to become a mother.

Even if they aren’t together at the moment, she claims that she hasn’t changed her mind about Salviati being her soul mate. She claims that it was a wonderful romantic pairing.

There is now a run of the film Violent Night in theaters.

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