In all seriousness, Michelle Young has moved on from her previous relationship with Nayte Olukoya.

Young, who is now 29, said in an interview with Life & Style, “I really did the work early on, and it’s a lot when so much is going on outside of you.” “You need to recover else, you are going to continually — like, your emotions rely on what’s occurring,” you said.

Young is prepared to re-enter the dating scene after going through a fast-paced courting on the show The Bachelorette; nevertheless, she is going into her new romantic relationships with the intention of finding “balance.”

“It’s very strange because, you know, you sit down, and you’re like, ‘OK, so are we getting married in like two weeks?’… You know, like on the first date, should we chat about our favorite colors, or should we speak about how many kids we want?” — I quote her. “The Bachelor world moves at such a breakneck pace, which results in a really off-kilter equilibrium. It has been proceeding smoothly.”

After finishing as the runner-up in Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, Young moved on to become the lead of season 18 of The Bachelorette. The former educator ended up falling in love with Olukoya, 28, and the two went on to become the first Black couple in the history of the company to get engaged.

Young had previously told PEOPLE about the engagement, “I fall more in love every day.” [Citation needed] “I had the good fortune to grow up in a family that had a strong marriage, and because of that, I decided that I wasn’t going to give up until I had one of my own. He’s my person. And I had no idea I was capable of loving on such a profound level.”

Olukoya continued, “Being together is something that comes very easily to both of us. I’ve never experienced anything even close to how I do right now. I’m all in!”

Young and Olukoya made the announcement of their breakup in June, which was six months after the season finale of her Bachelorette season aired. In July, she shared her thoughts on the topic on The Ben and Ashley Are Almost Famous Podcast, saying, “I will say that this is not something that I predicted and I’ll leave it there.”

After some time had passed, Olukoya divulged that he had “broken up with her over the phone.”

During the month of September, he offered this piece of advice on The Viall Files podcast: “You don’t want to split up with someone, particularly your fiancée over the phone.” “It was the celebration of her birthday weekend. Because she and I were invited to attend Wango Tango event, all of us are now in Los Angeles together. Things were a little bit rough when we first started out on the weekend. Things were much rockier than before. Wango Tango occurred. Immediately before to doing all of those press interviews and doing anything else, she and I got into a heated quarrel.”

Olukoya went on to say, “To cut a long tale short, the weekend did not turn out to be enjoyable. Her and I have been up well past our bedtime having extremely in-depth discussions. I believe that the day before, I was having quite in-depth chats with her friends as well, due to the fact that her pals were also not having a good time. It seems as if everyone had a terrible weekend.”

After some time had passed after their breakup, Young announced on Instagram that she was “happier.”

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