People are often surprised to learn that Henry Winkler and his wife have a remarkable love story that spans decades, but few are aware that it began as a whirlwind romance in a clothes shop. After their first encounter, the pair virtually didn’t run into one other again after that.

The actor, who rose to prominence for his performance as Arthur Fonzarelli on the television show “Happy Days,” has been married to his wife, Stacey, for the last 44 years. Nevertheless, their first date came perilously close to being canceled.

When Stacey and Henry first met, she was employed for a business that specialized in public relations. They had a chance encounter at a clothes boutique that was a customer of her company. Henry entered the shop with the hopes of purchasing a new sports coat. He requested Stacey’s assistance, and she was more than happy to provide it.

Henry could vividly remember the day he first met Stacey, even down to the shade of the jeans she was wearing on that particular day. He has recounted the day many times, as it was the day he realized he had met the woman who would one day be his wife. He said:

“She was there in front of me with her red hair and her purple parachute trousers, and before she had ever said a word, I thought to myself, “Woah, that’s a lovely lady standing in front of me.” The next week, I made another trip to the shop, and she was still working there. And in that little amount of time, I was able to ascertain how powerful she is.”

A week later, when Henry went back to the shop to pick up his coat, he approached Stacey and asked her out on a date. She first said that she would not go out with him, but she ultimately caved. They went out, and after dating for a total of two years before getting married, they finally tied the wedding.

Stacey was first nervous about starting together with Henry, but the two of them ended up becoming serious so quickly that they moved in together within a few weeks. Before getting married in 1978, Stacey and her kid, who was four years old at the time, lived with Winkler for a period of two years.

The Manhattan synagogue where Henry celebrated his bar mitzvah also served as the venue for Henry and Stacey’s wedding. At the time of their wedding, Henry was on his way to becoming a renowned actor, which meant that Stacey had to cope with the rising number of women who were interested in him.

Stacey was asked about her experiences with women always contacting Henry without any concern for either her or her son, and she responded by saying that she simply had to get used to it for the sake of Henry’s profession. Stacey was speaking about her experiences with people approaching Henry.

“People would crowd around Henry and actually step on my toes as they got closer to him. At one point, I voiced my frustration by declaring, “You have just utterly destroyed my stockings.” And then this lady said, “But Fonzie is my favorite!””

Stacey continued to support her husband as his career progressed and he became known to a broader audience, despite the fact that Henry’s followers didn’t pay much attention to her. When Stacey began experiencing serious health problems, it presented them with a significant obstacle.

It Was Determined That Stacey Has Cancer.

Henry and Stacey decided to have children together and ended up having two. Zoey and Max were both born in the year 1980. Max came around in 1983. At the late 1990s, while Zoey was a student in college, Stacey received the news that she had breast cancer. Thankfully, she had a speedy recovery and her cancer went into remission.

Unfortuitously, the cancer reappeared in 2007 after having been absent for a few years. Stacey had a double mastectomy this time as part of her therapy for her cancer. Since that operation, she has been cancer-free, and for the whole time, she and Henry have been head over heels in love with one another. As a consequence of the procedure, she is cancer-free.

When Stacey was initially diagnosed with breast cancer all those years ago, Henry was there for her and was just as supportive now as he was then. Henry is now extensively engaged in raising awareness for breast cancer. At the 13th annual In The Pink of Health Luncheon, which raises cash to help breast cancer patients and the families of those touched by the disease, he spoke as a guest speaker.

It wasn’t after the actor’s wife was initially told she had cancer that he decided to provide his support to those who are battling the condition. Winkler showed his support for the American Cancer Society by attending an all-star basketball game in 1976. The tournament was arranged to raise money for the organization.

Despite the fact that they have been through a lot together as a married pair, including Stacey’s loving fans ignoring her and repeated illnesses, the couple has stayed by each other’s side through it all and is now enjoying a happy and healthy life together.

The love that the pair has for one another has not diminished one bit despite the fact that they have been married for a far longer period of time than is typical in the entertainment industry. They have been asked a lot of times over the years what the key to their successful marriage is. They have not disclosed a specific formula, but they have said that they take pleasure in spending time with one another.

A picture of Henry and Stacey taken on the day of their wedding was shown on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” hosted by James Corden. While he was doing this, Henry said to Corden that Stacey seemed to be exactly as beautiful as she had on the day of their wedding.

After being together for a significant amount of time, Stacey has discussed the how she feels about her spouse. On her many social media accounts, you may often see images of her spouse. At the beginning of October 2018, she started using Twitter, where she shared a picture of Henry along with the caption:

“The dashing Henry Winkler will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight!”

In addition to that, she has used Twitter quite a few times to send birthday greetings to her spouse. Stacey always remembers to show her appreciation for her spouse by praising him and referring to him as either fantastic or gorgeous on their shared birthday. Her app postings are often well received by her fans.

Stacey and Henry have been married for 44 years and have often discussed the difficulties they faced and the solutions they found to those difficulties. The pair recognizes that it hasn’t been simple, but they agree that it’s been worthwhile. Stacey was honest and said:

“It does require work. There are potholes on the road, and you go a bit off kilter, but if you have the capacity and the stick-to-itiveness that is built on love, then your friendship and your relationship will only become better “.

The couple takes part in a variety of activities that they both love doing together, but their children and grandchildren are by far the greatest source of pleasure in their lives. Henry has remarked, “Together, we have a lot of fun fly fishing. We love grandkids together. Going to the movies is a fun activity for both of us. Every day, we have a wonderful time in each other’s company.”

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