Jenny Agutter, who plays a character on “Call the Midwife,” has stated that Tom Cruise’s habit of flying his helicopter over the set while the show is being filmed “ruins” the production every time.

At the moment, Agutter, who has played Sister Julienne on the popular show since its inception in 2012, is working at Longcross Studios in Surrey on the production of the twelfth season of the popular PBS and BBC series.

On the other hand, she revealed to the Mirror that the cast has been forced to reshoot scenes each time Tom Cruise arrives at the studio in his noisy helicopter. She said that this has occurred very frequently.

Agutter said that Tom Cruise was continuously interfering with their production by landing his chopper just in front of where they were shooting.

Longcross Studios is the location where Tom Cruise is working on the production of the upcoming spy sequel “Mission: Impossible – D.e.a.d. Reckoning Part Two.”

Agutter continued by saying that she debated whether or not she should correct Cruise while she was dressed as a nun, adding: “In my habit. Imagine. ‘ Tom, I apologize for interrupting, but please look, we’re trying to film. I don’t know how you feel about this, but you need to get that aircraft out of here as soon as possible!”

Since obtaining his professional pilot license in 1994, Tom Cruise has flown a variety of aircraft, including airplanes and helicopters, for a variety of purposes, notably for the film “Top Gun: Maverick.”

The previous year, while on his way to film the impending “Mission: Impossible” movie, Tom Cruise was forced to make an emergency landing in the backyard of a family home in Warwickshire.

Coventry Airport, which was scheduled to be Cruise’s initial landing destination, was closed temporarily.

According to BBC, the Webb family had only been informed that an unnamed VIP required a place to land due to the fact that the airport in the area was closed.

Alison Webb, speaking to the BBC, said, “I thought it would be kind of amazing for the kids to see the helicopter land on the lawn.” “He immediately started talking to the kids, and when he was done, he walked up to us, gave us an elbow bump, and said thank you very much. After that, he told the children that they might ride in the helicopter if they wished to do so. The day ended up being one of the best of my life. It seemed unreal, and even now I find it hard to believe it actually took place.”

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