One of the performers of his generation who has received the greatest praise is Jeff Bridges. It should come as no surprise that Bridges has been able to sustain a successful profession for the most of his life given the countless awards, honors, and accolades that he has received throughout his life. In addition to that, he has discovered love that will endure forever with the woman he has been married to for a very long time.

Bridges was born on December 4, 1949, in Los Angeles, California, into a family of famous people. Bridges’ family was well known in the entertainment industry. He is an actor like his father, Lloyd Bridges, and his mother, Dorothy Bridges, who is also an actress and writer. Beau Bridges, Jeff Bridges’ elder brother, is also an actor. Bridges was exposed to the ins and outs of the entertainment world at an early age because to his brilliant and well-respected family. He toured with his father in theater performances and even appeared with his father and Beau in the television series “Sea Hunt.”

After that, Bridges’ career moved from strength to strength, and he went on to feature in a wide variety of films that received high praise from the film critics. The movies “Crazy Heart,” “True Grit,” “The Big Lebowski,” and “Iron Man” are just a few examples of the numerous films in which Bridges has had starring roles.

After making his debut on the silver screen while he was still a little child, Bridges has established himself as a prominent figure in the acting business over the course of the last few decades. Over the course of his career, he has been in a number of movies and television programs, and he has even released some of his own songs. His wife, Susan Geston, is also someone who has previous experience working in the entertainment industry. She also had a short career performing and producing, so she is familiar with all sides of the business. She made her acting debut in the 1980 film “Forbidden Zone” and served as an associate producer on the 1989 film “Cold Feet.”

Bridges discussed the occasion of his first encounter with Geston, which took place in 1974, during an interview with the Oprah Winfrey Network. At the time, Bridges was already a well-known actor and was in the process of making a new movie called “Rancho Deluxe” in the state of Montana. When Bridges and the rest of the actors were shooting scenes in a hot tub, Geston was there, and he saw him right away. Bridges fell in love with Geston, who was working as a waiter at the time, when they were both on set shooting their respective sequences. The relationship between the two reportedly kicked off not long after that, as reported by the Daily Mail.

It seemed, for a little period of time, as if the two wouldn’t be able to make it since Bridges had no idea of settling down and establishing a family in the beginning, but in the end, he didn’t want to lose Geston and their developing bond with each other. The thought that crossed Bridges’ mind was, “I can’t let this lady go.”

Since that time, the couple’s devotion to one another has stayed at a very high level. The wedding took place on June 5, 1977, only five days after Bridges had popped the question to Geston. Geston said “yes” to Bridges’s proposal. Bridges shared her epiphany, “I understood how great marriage is.”

Their names are Isabelle Annie, Jessica Lily “Jessie,” and Hayley Roselouise, and they have three kids.

Throughout his life, the actor has had a reasonable amount of success, but he has also had to overcome a few obstacles here and there. In October of 2020, he made the announcement that he had been given a lymphoma diagnosis. A little over a year and a half later, Bridges reported that his cancer had gone into remission.

After receiving his diagnosis, he began infusion chemotherapy, which was later followed by oral chemotherapy.

After that, in January of 2021, he was diagnosed with COVID-19, which presented him with yet another health problem. He said that he was on the verge of passing away while battling his COVID-19 infection since his immune system was so weakened as a result of his chemotherapy treatments.

“I was very, very close to passing away. Every time I went to the hospital, the doctors would urge me, “Jeff, you have to fight. You are not putting up a fight.’ I was in surrender mode. I was prepared to get going. In an interview with PEOPLE conducted in May of 2022, he said, “I was dancing with my death.”

But since since Bridges had been given a diagnosis of cancer affecting the lymphatic system, it had been difficult for her to stand for extended periods of time. Therefore, it was only natural for him to serve in this capacity when his daughter Hayley made the decision to tie the knot.

Bridges said in an interview with the Independent that he had worked with a personal trainer to ensure that he would be able to stand for far longer than is typical. But the outcomes were even better than he had hoped for, since he was also allowed to participate in the wedding dance with her. The wedding took place in July of 2022.

“I finally thought to myself one day, ‘You know, maybe I can pull it off.'” And as it turned out, not only did I have the opportunity to escort her down the aisle, but I also had the opportunity to dance during the ceremony (to Ray Charles’s “Ain’t That Love”). “Wow, it was amazing,” he said.

“My dad made a welcoming speech and touched on a feature of Justin’s that I also stated in my vows, which is that children and dogs adore him,” Hayley said. “My dad also touched on a trait of Justin’s that I mentioned in my vows.” Hayley Bridges, who is the daughter of Bridges, told Brides, “I feel that this is an illustration of his tremendous enthusiasm.”

Bridges, who referred to his struggles in life as a “gift,” said that he learnt the lessons that came along with them from the personal experience that he gained from dealing with his health difficulties.

“I learned things during those periods that I wouldn’t have learned any other way,” he added. “I couldn’t have learned those things any other way.”

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