The 38-year-old star of Queer Eye said on Thursday that he is engaged to the man he has been seeing for the past three years, Kevin Harrington.

On Instagram, Porowski posted a selfie of the two of them together, along with a comment that made light of the grainy nature of the photograph.

He wrote in the text message, “I really hope the wedding photos are less blurry.”

The other members of Queer Eye expressed their delight at seeing Porowski’s name on the list in the comments section. “I am beyond ecstatic for the two of you! You both got one that’s really good!!! 😭😭😭😭,” Written by Bobby Berk.

Commenting on the matter, Jonathan Van Ness said: “This is adorable, I adore it so much already collecting inspiration for my flower girl outfits!!!”

Tan France has also enthusiastically given himself a part to play at their upcoming wedding. “I donate my services as a wedding selfie photographer,” he stated on the matter.

Harrington, who is the director of the brand strategy at the company, also posted the happy news on his Instagram account. Along with two cute images of the couple, including one of them taking a shirtless selfie, he also posted a shot of them dressed up as zombies with makeup. He made a witty remark, saying, “Officially together till we look like the last picture #engaged.”

In the comment section, Porowski made a lighthearted joke by writing, “don’t worry I’ll probably be dabbling with Botox by then.”

Late in 2019, only a few short months before the lockdown began, the Let’s Do Dinner cookbook author and Harrington were linked for the first time. In May, he gave an interview to PEOPLE in which he discussed how the pandemic had helped to improve their relationship.

In March 2020, when COVID-19 struck the United States, the celebrity food and drink expert was in Austin filming an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and Harrington was there to see him from New York City. His visit to Austin was initially scheduled to continue for only four days, but it ended up being prolonged.

“It came to a standstill in New York — there was no toilet paper — and we opted to stay in Austin and fostered a puppy,” Porowski told PEOPLE in May of this year. “We fostered a dog because there was no toilet paper.” “We went from being in a relationship and each having our own apartment and not having a dog to living in the same place with a dog,” she said. “It was quite the transition.”

In point of fact, Porowski and Harrington took in as a foster dog and eventually adopted a stray puppy by the name of Neon, who is now a lovable fixture on the couple’s respective Instagram profiles.

He added: “It became much worse very rapidly. On the other hand, I do not have any complaints, which is a pleasant surprise. It seems to me that one of the most important factors is maintaining open communication and regular check-ins with one another as well as one’s own therapist even when things are going smoothly and turning out extremely well.”

And just like it did for many other people, the pandemic has helped Porowski to value the straightforward aspects of his life with Harrington.

He says, “I learned to get back in touch with a part of me that used to listen to music as much as I did, and my connection with nature.” “I learned to get back in touch with a part of me that used to listen to music as much as I did.” “It may sound like a hippy-dippy thing to say, but for me, it’s simply spending time with my dog and my partner, playing with a ball, and visiting Upstate New York whenever I have the chance; things of that nature. Because my life has become so large and complicated, with a lot of extremely high ups and a lot of deep lows, it is one thing that helps to keep me in check and provides some sort of foundation for me in the best possible way.”

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