The young son of Joanna Gaines is shown a great deal of affection for his father.

In a video that the founder of Magnolia Journal uploaded to Instagram on Monday, her son Crew, who is four years old at the time, can be seen working meticulously on a birthday card for Chip Gaines, writing letters across an index card and explaining to his mother what the letters say.

“I adore you, Dad. While he “reads,” he says, “I really love you, and I hope you want to fish.” He moves his finger around the page as he does so “before he takes a breather. “I love you, Dad, and I really hope that I can go fishing with you sometime.”

“I love you Dad. I truly hope that I would like to go fishing with you,” pausing to add once more before completing the sentence, “you!”

The message that Joanna attached to this photo says, “We sure adore you @chipgaines, Happy Birthday!”

The Fixer Upper star, who is 44 years old, is also the mother to girls Emmie, 12, and Ella, 16, in addition to her boys Duke, 14, and Drake, 17.

During an interview with PEOPLE that took place earlier this month, Joanna talked about the need of expressing more humanity with her children and how doing so develops a strong connection between the family.

“I always believed, ‘I’m the mom, I should have the answers,'” she shared with us her thoughts at the time. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to the realization that the more humanity these youngsters can see in me, the more likely it is that we will connect.”

She continued by saying, “I want kids to witness the highs and lows so that when they’re feeling anxious about school or relationships, they know it’s a safe place for them to come to me.”

The family got together to celebrate their daughter Ella’s 16th birthday a month ago. In order to commemorate the occasion, they festooned the living room and dining room of the family home with bright balloons and hung a banner reading “sweet sixteen” above the kitchen table.

“My lovely girl turns 16. When she leaves for college all by herself tomorrow, I’m going to do all in my power to suppress the urge to sob like a blubbering wreck “The video was captioned by Joanna.

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