Chris Evans recently found a new significant other.

Alba Baptista, a Portuguese actress, has been in a relationship with the 41-year-old actor who plays Lightyear “since more than a year ago, and it’s a serious relationship,” a source reveals to PEOPLE, adding, “They are in love, and Chris has never been happier.” His family and friends have nothing but praise for her.”

Baptista, who is 25 years old, had a starring role in this year’s production of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. She is the daughter of a translator and an engineer, and she is fluent in five different languages. During the year 2018, she volunteered a significant amount of time at an orphanage in Cambodia with the primary focus being on educational opportunities. She was awarded the Shooting Star prize at the Berlin Film Festival the year before last.

PEOPLE magazine has announced that Evans is the sexiest man alive for the year 2022. The former Captain America actor stated in the cover article that he is “quite satisfied” with his life right now, adding that he is concentrating on striking a healthy work-life balance and spending as much free time as possible with his loved ones.

Evans continued by saying, “That’s definitely something I want: a wife, children, and establishing a family.” “When you read about most of the best artists, whether it’s actors, painters, or writers, most of them admitĀ it wasn’t the work they made that they are most proud of, it was about the relationships; the families they created, the love they found, and the love they shared. When you read about most of the best artists, whether it’s actors, painters, or writers.

“Therefore, it is also something that, during the course of my long 41 years, rings true. Those aspects are the ones that matter the most “he said. “The very thought of following rituals and customs warms my heart. Because of that, the prospect of having more of it in my life is something that excites me more than anything else I can think of.”

Evans claims that he has matured into a more desirable love partner as he has gotten older.

“You spend a lot of time studying what has been useful and what hasn’t been,” he added. “You spend a lot of time understanding what hasn’t been helpful.” “I’ve really been able to sort of see where I need improvement and what works,” she said. “We all have patterns, hang-ups, or baggage that repeat and reverberate.”

“I also recognize the importance and power of simply expressing regret and stating “I’m sorry.” I believe that you are able to open a door in a way that is very beneficial to your mental and emotional well-being if, when confronted with a potentially dangerous situation, you are able to maintain your composure, listen to the other person, and apologize, even if you don’t believe that you have done anything wrong because you are seeing things from their point of view rather than your own “said Evans.

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