Will Ferrell has said that he is currently working on his next Christmas movie. It all came down to perfect timing when Ryan Reynolds and I were filming Spirited together.

Ferrell, who gained widespread acclaim for his performance as Buddy the Elf in the holiday comedy film Elf, which was released in 2003, disclosed on Monday night at the New York City premiere of Spirited at Alice Tully Hall that he and Reynolds had discussed the possibility of making the new film “five years ago.”

“It was, you know what I’m getting at? Things of that kind simply occurred to take place at the precise moment they did, “Ferrell shared his thoughts with PEOPLE on Monday. I mean, we had really discussed this movie five years ago when we were talking about it.

Ferrell continued by saying, “Yeah, that was simply an excellent suggestion to which I had reacted.” “I thought it was a really brilliant way to redo Christmas Carol, kind of from the ghost of Christmas present perspective, and to also be in a musical for the first time where I really had to kind of do it for real,” she said. “I thought it was a really brilliant way to redo Christmas Carol, kind of from the ghost of Christmas present perspective.”

When fans asked Will Ferrell whether they might expect him to appear in more musicals in the future, the actor and comedian responded with a quip that he was “going to be starring in Mean Girls.”

After spending his childhood in the North Pole being raised by Santa’s elves, Will Ferrell’s character, Buddy the Elf, decides to search for his real father, Walter Hobbs (played by James Caan), in the city of New York.

The film was a huge success at the box office, earning a total of $223 million from across the globe as it became an immediate Christmas classic. Ferrell revealed to The Hollywood Reporter in October 2021 that he had rejected down a $29 million payment for taking part in an Elf sequel since it had a similar concept to the 2003 original. He said that the reason for his decision was due of the film’s continuity.

“If I had been honest about the film, I would have had to market it by saying things like, “Oh no, it’s not good.” I just could not refuse an offer of that much money,’ “Ferrell said these things to THR at the time. “And at that moment, I found myself wondering, “Can I truly utter those words?” I don’t believe that I can, therefore it seems like I won’t be able to participate in the movie.”

Ferrell said in December 2013 that there will “absolutely not” be a sequel to the film Elf. He said this when appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo. “It would seem little pitiful if I attempted to get back into the Elf tights,” he remarked.

According to the official description for the film Spirited, “the Ghost of Christmas Present picks one bad soul to be reformed by a visit from three spirits” on Christmas Eve of each year. This occurs in the new movie starring Ferrell and Reynolds, which goes by the same name. “However, he went with the incorrect Scrooge for this Christmas.”

According to the summary, “Clint Briggs turns the tables on his ghostly host until Present finds himself reexamining his own past, present, and destiny.” “In this humorous musical reimagining of the timeless Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol is presented for the first first time from the viewpoint of the ghosts,”

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