The most recent look that Bella Hadid debuted in Milan features a throwback element.

Yesterday, the supermodel donned an unusual ensemble as she went out for a stroll with her boyfriend, the art director Marc Kalman. They did so among the hustle and bustle of Milan Fashion Week. The photographs show the model sporting a look that is reminiscent of her time spent riding horses, complete with a pigtail hairstyle on her head.

The celebrity wore a checkered shirt in yellow, green, and purple with asymmetrical buttons along the front and a severe collar. She combined this shirt with a striped brown midi skirt. She completed her image for the classroom by donning a beige shoulder bag, a green cap, opaque black tights, white socks, and Adidas sneakers.

In addition to that, she completed her look with frameless sunglasses and a gold “Bella” nameplate necklace. Her hair was styled in a young and trendy version of French braids.

Although it has been believed that Hadid and Kalman have been dating since July 2020, the couple has kept their romance covert, with only a few public sightings and appearances on Instagram feeds over the past two years. It should also be noted that this is not the couple’s first journey to a foreign country; they were seen together in public in London during the summer of 2017.

The model has already caused a stir in Milan with her off-duty attire, in which she showcased her own eccentric sense of style. On Thursday, she wore the much-maligned Bermuda shorts for the first time in a long time. She wore a speckled dark-gray version of the short over opaque tights and black calf-length boots. Hadid paired the shorts with a plain white T-shirt, which she wore underneath a poncho that had a checkered pattern in creams, black, and black fringe. She rounded off the ensemble by draping a matching sweater with a spotted pattern around her shoulders and carrying a Chanel purse with a top handle.

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