Every person we encounter is engaged in a conflict that we are unaware of. They can be speaking with confidence or with grins on their cheeks. However, there is another narrative hiding underneath the strong and joyful exterior—something that merits everyone’s consideration, sympathy, and understanding.

And in the case of Jyrl Oldham, a delightful surprise as soon as she boarded her flight to Hawaii.

That’s because Jyrl just this past August officially beat cancer. The difficulties started in March 2021 when she learned from her doctor the news that no one ever likes to hear: she had breast cancer.

The fact that Jyrl was pregnant at the time of her cancer diagnosis made the situation much more heartbreaking and terrifying. The fact that a baby was on the way, however, just made Jyrl more determined to keep battling and demonstrate that she would not let cancer prevail.

After giving birth to her baby, Jyrl began receiving cancer treatments right away. It was a difficult and demanding few months. Jyrl almost passed away during one of her treatments, according to Valeri Jones, one of her closest pals.

Jyrl considered taking a well-earned vacation as a means to let the cosmos know that she was still alive and would not be leaving at that very time.

And wouldn’t it be appropriate to give your wife a little surprise to show her how proud you are of her and how appreciative you are of her if she fights cancer while caring for your newborn? On Jyrl’s Southwest Airlines journey to Hawaii, Garrison, her husband, did this.

Jyrl listened to the captain’s voice over the speaker as he greeted a “special visitor” on their journey while being accompanied by Valeri and another buddy.

Instead of the customary greeting, the pilot began by describing the guest’s fight with late-stage breast cancer and how she has now been declared cancer-free. He then requested a round of applause for Jyrl from everyone.

How did Garrison accomplish this delightful surprise? Ahead of Jyrl’s departure, he sent an email to Southwest Airlines and printed a message for the flight attendants. Garrison was aware that Jyrl would appreciate the gesture and be moved by the onboard statement since she too had been a pilot.

And as was to be anticipated, his wife’s real astonishment and apparent emotion at the kind words and applause she got from the other passengers and personnel came as no surprise.

She could be seen becoming emotional as she smiled at everyone and soaked up the affection in the video that her buddy Valeri took and published.

It’s a wonderful and kind way to help this cancer patient and survivor, and it’s a fun way for them to begin their Hawaii vacation.

Some individuals may think a shoutout like this is unimportant and uncomplicated. But it means everything to a cancer patient. Around 10 million cancer-related deaths are expected in 2020, according to the World Health Organization, making it the top cause of death globally. One of the most prevalent cancers is breast cancer.

Cancer has a negative impact on one’s body, mind, and emotions. Additionally, even receiving several cancer therapies, there is often no certainty that you will be cancer-free. Any nice deed or word of encouragement may undoubtedly make a terrible day better.

In the words of the captain, to have a human connection and care for one another in this day and age is very unique. And he’s right—after all, we’re all just one huge family.

And we ought to do it without hesitation if we may do so in our own small manner to brighten someone else’s day.

May Jyrl’s tale serve as an inspiration to all those fighting cancer to never give up and win.

The joyful surprise revelation and Jyrl’s heartfelt response can be seen in the video below, which has been going viral online. Get a few Kleenex tissues as well, don’t forget!

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