A guy from Wales found himself involved in the most extraordinary situation. Paul Soproni, who is now 40 years old, has spent the better part of a decade trying in vain to convince his longtime love to tie the knot. This person’s name is Alisha Pilava. According to the statements that Alisha made to Wales Online, he has been practicing all that he has done for the previous two years at a rate of thirty times every day. When she was walking by, she even saw a sign that he had made that stated, “Will you marry me?”

The busy lady known as Alisha has already tied the knot twice in her life. She not only manages two tire businesses, but she is also attending school to get a degree in human resource management. But everything was different after that one special day. Paul, in his capacity as best man, was extended an invitation to attend a friend’s wedding. He was certain that he had been there at the ceremony in which his friends Kevin and Heidi renewed their wedding vows; nevertheless, something terrible had occurred.

Suddenly, Alisha appeared in front of you wearing a white dress and posed the question, “Would you marry me? Alisha questioned Paul He couldn’t figure it out. After giving the negative response, he fled the scene. In light of the fact that he came to marry friends, but the ceremony turned out to be a farce, in addition to the fact that the proposal came as such a surprise, the doubt is quite natural. There was a possibility that everything might stop there, but he comprehended the situation, went back, kissed Alisha, and then agreed.

Paul felt proud of himself for making such an effort in whatever he did. He could not believe that the woman who would become his wife could have achieved everything. But what if a woman is confident enough to decide when she wants to be married, rather than giving in to the pressure that others put on her? I hope they have a happy life together!

By Elen

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