On Thursday, Kevin Hart broke the heartbreaking news to his fans that his father, Henry Witherspoon, had passed away at the age of 73.

The comedian, who was 43 at the time, paid homage to his late father on Instagram by posting numerous endearing family images and promising that they would all make him “proud.”

He also made a reference to the passing of his cherished mother Nancy, who lost her fight against ovarian cancer and went away in 2007, when he added, “Give mom a hug for me.” Nancy passed away in 2007.

The heartfelt message said, “RIP to one of the most real and rawest to ever do it…

Love you dad. Gone yet never forgotten…. Give mum a hug for me….y’all did awesome guy.

“Thank you very much for everything…

Because of you, I’ve become a better parent. We will all do our best to make you pleased…’

It has not been determined what caused Henry’s loss, although Kevin’s father has had to deal with a variety of health problems in the past.

As a result of the strain that it had on their relationship when Kevin was a boy, Kevin has been quite open about the fact that his father once struggled with heroin addiction.

In an interview with People, Kevin discussed how he had reconciled his relationship with his father despite the fact that his father was not a significant figure in Kevin’s life when he was growing up.

He said that despite whatever may occur, the fact that he is his son’s father would not alter. Despite the circumstances of my childhood, the manner in which I was brought up, and the frequency with which he was present in my life, he is still my dad.

The star of Central Intelligence continued by saying, “I have a good attitude on life no matter what, and I’m going to adore you because you’re my father.”

Previously, Kevin Hart described his father in his memoir titled “I Can’t Make This Up,” which was published in 2017. In that book, Hart said that his father was often absent because of his drug addiction, which frequently landed Witherspoon in prison.

According to Hart, “I recognize that nobody is flawless, people are imperfect, and people make errors.” “I should not hold a high degree of judgment over your head about things that I am unable to alter,” you told me.

The comic continued, saying, “I can’t go back in time and change this, mend that, or solve this other thing.” I can only go ahead, and all I can do right now is love you and encourage you to have pleasure in this moment of your life.

Kevin admitted that it was a blessing that he was in a position in his life to be able to provide for his father at this time.

The celebrity is quoted as saying, “I’m in a situation where I’m fortunate and I can contribute.” ‘I can say, “This is a house, this is a vehicle, and this is some money, dad. Take your pick. Visit your grandchildren and spend some time with them. Strive to be the greatest grandpop… It’s alright, the days that you missed spending time with me are days that we both lost out on.” I have no problem with it at all.

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