As she gets ready to have her second child, Chrissy Teigen is taking it easy and relaxing.

The cookbook author, who is currently expecting another child with her husband John Legend, showed off her bare baby bump on Instagram on Wednesday by posting a mirror selfie of herself wearing a pajama set from her company Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. The couple is currently expecting their third child together.

Teigen, who is 36 years old at the time, can be seen in the photo puckering up her lips for the camera as she raises the patterned pajama top to expose her growing baby belly.

“Get dressed for the job you really want to do, which is sleeping. fresh veg out garden jams on @cravingsbychrissyteigen!!! “The photo was annotated by her.

The cheeky response that Legend gave to the post was, “I’ll sleep with you.”

Last week, while appearing on the podcast Check In hosted by Audacy, John Legend shared with the presenter that he and his partner are “eager” to become parents in the first few months of next year. The couple now has two children, a girl named Luna who is 6 years old, and a boy named Miles who is 4 years old.

“There are still a few more months before Chrissy is due to give birth to their child. We are looking forward to it very much “Legend passed down.

Legend said that despite the fact that the time that has passed since the couple endured a miscarriage has been “tough,” the family is “feeling very positive this time.”

“We’ve grown as parents and we’re ready to bring another baby into the world,” he added, before adding, “I could see us going for four.” “Luna is 6 and Miles is 4, so we’ve grown as parents and we’re ready to bring another baby into the world.”

In a recent interview, Teigen said that her children are aware of her pregnancy from an early stage and that they are “extremely happy” about the prospect of having a new brother. She made this revelation while attending EPIC’s celebration of National Parents Day Off.

She said that since they had gone through the process of in-vitro fertilization (IVF), they learned they were expecting a child about nine days after the embryo was transferred. “I informed them very, really early on.”

She went on to say in reference to her two children, “They’ve been eager for a long time.” “Due to the fact that they have been aware of the pregnancy from the very beginning, I have the impression that this will be the longest pregnancy for them. However, they have been showing signs of extreme excitement.”

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