Everyone has their own special technique for killing time. In most cases, it’s a pastime that has a special place in our hearts. Our lives are better when we are able to spend our leisure time doing something that we like, whether it be playing video games or watching a program that we really like.

Anthony Muobike is a young youngster from Edmonton, Canada, who has lately received a lot of notice due to his accomplishments. Anthony is an avid basketball player, and if he finds himself with any spare time, you can find him outdoors shooting some baskets.

He would dribble his basketball for many hours at a time while standing in his driveway.

That was the sum and substance of his actions. Anthony did not own a basketball hoop in his backyard. He would take the ball outside, and dribble it around his driveway and street, but he was unable to successfully shoot the ball at anything.

The neighbors picked up on it quite quickly.

Anthony could often be seen dribbling the ball around outdoors, and the neighbors would watch him do so. Anthony was questioned about his interest in playing basketball by one of the other guys who approached him when he was outdoors on one of the days. The answer that Anthony provided was, of course, yes.

This individual’s name was Ian Ray, and after seeing Anthony dribbling the ball without a hoop, he made the decision to inquire about it.

Anthony was concerned that he had angered Ian with his constant dribbling and feared that he was driving others crazy with it. Ian wasn’t frustrated in the least; in fact, he had just had a brilliant idea. He made the decision to act on his boredom of sitting around all day watching Anthony dribble the ball.

Ian logged in to his Facebook account and published a message that would shortly become viral.

Ian informed those who followed him that Anthony spent all of his spare time in the great outdoors. When he wasn’t out in the fresh air, he was keeping an eye on his younger siblings and checking in on the family dog. The question that Ian posed to anybody who may know someone who had an old hoop was whether or not they would be prepared to give it to the good-hearted child.

The article gained a lot of attention very quickly, and people immediately began making donations in order to get Anthony a fresh new hoop.

As the contributions came in, Ian was soon in a position to provide Anthony with a hoop that was brand new and not simply an old one that had been passed down from another player. It was like waking up from a dream. Anthony was able to take his first shot not long after the two of them finished constructing the basket together.

During an interview, when she was describing how much it all meant to her, she became overcome with emotion and started crying. The best gift a mother can give her children is the opportunity to realize their full potential, and Anthony now has some of the resources necessary to make that goal a reality.

Have a look at the video below here!

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