Kelly Oubre Jr. has tied the knot already! During the summer, the Charlotte Hornets shooting guard and the woman he has loved for a very long time, Shylynn, tied the wedding in front of their respective families and friends.

On July 9, the Oubres tied the knot at the opulent St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort in Puerto Rico amid a whirlwind romance-filled weekend there. According to Kelly, who is 26 years old, the resort was the “perfect wedding site” for them.

“We picked this place because it is where Shylynn’s family origins are, and there is so much on the island that we both wanted to experience together for the first time. Together, we wanted to explore all that the island has to offer,”

Kelly claims that he and his new wife were particularly excited to explore the island’s black sand beaches, bioluminescent bay, and jungle on their honeymoon. In point of fact, the newlyweds had been dreaming of going to Puerto Rico for a number of years.

Because of the closures and limitations caused by COVID, our first vacation as a couple was supposed to go to Puerto Rico, but we had to cancel it because of the outbreak.

According to the NBA player, the anticipation was well worth it, and he gives the couple’s wedding planner, Melissa Andre, credit for her role in making the couple’s ideal wedding a reality.

“We wanted each part of the wedding, from the ceremony to the reception, to be a completely different and one-of-a-kind representation of who we are as individuals, as a couple, and as a family, while also tying in the best possible representation of the love that we have for each other. ” “From the ceremony to the reception, we wanted each part to be a completely different and unique representation of who we are as

The newlyweds have said that they “wanted to integrate a galaxy motif with stars and planets — most particularly Venus, which we nickname ‘our planet.’ ” According to Kelly, he and Shylynn use the planet as a metaphor for their everlasting love because they believe it “signifies love and beauty.”

“What could possibly be more limitless than the cosmos?”

In the year 2020, the pair started dating after first meeting one another via some shared acquaintances. “It was one of those situations when we spotted one other and didn’t leave each other’s sights again after that,” she said. “It was one of those things.”

Even though their love spans the galaxy, the Oubres have a special place in their hearts for island living. “We wanted to bring our visitors into our world, which is a wonderful bliss that only few dream of, but in our thoughts, that’s where we are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that’s why we name it T$unami Island.”

The event called for Shylynn to wear a beaded gown, and her own vegan cosmetics business, Shhy Beauty, was responsible for providing her with the entire glam look. She had wanted certain aspects to be a part of her bridal appearance ever since she was a small child, and she wanted them to be a part of the way she looked on her wedding day. “I always wanted a Cinderella dress,” she adds, “something large and fluffy with heaps and tons of glitter.”

The final garment was a “Beyoncé-esque” 2-in-1 gown that enabled her to rejoice with friends and family without losing her aesthetic. This allowed her to keep her style intact. “Whether or not I’m attending a wedding, I am certain that this dress will steal the show, just as I would.”

Andre put a lot of attention into planning every aspect of the event, from the flooring to the tables and everything in between. “It was really essential to me that I develop fully one-of-a-kind parts and have them made just for this couple,” the designer said.

To transport visitors into the Oubres’ envisioned infinity, some of these particular elements included pieces of furniture that were custom-made and visual trickery such as immersive artwork and floating walls.

Because their eating area had mirrored flooring, it was impossible to identify where the margins of the immersive artwork that moved on the walls began and finished.

Because the guests were seated in the form of a runway show and were surrounded by an art piece consisting of 25,000 flowers, the newlyweds Shylynn and Kelly had the distinct impression that they were the only people “in the room” as they said their vows. At dinner, each guest was presented with a hand-painted plate that was imported from Italy and customized with their zodiac sign. These plates were placed at each place setting.

Before the couple exchanged their vows, everyone at the ceremony focused their attention on the couple’s adorable one-year-old daughter Málibu, who made her entrance in the front seat of a replica 2022 pink Maybach. Before the couple exchanged their vows, everyone at the ceremony focused their attention on Málibu.

“Málibu had just learned to walk two months before the wedding, and we knew she was going to be our flower girl, but with the 15,000 flowers we had planted, we didn’t want her to get lost or distracted so we opted for the 2022 pink Maybach to drive her down the aisle,” the bride and groom said. “We knew she was going to be our flower girl.”

After some time has passed and they have had the opportunity to think back on their big day, the happy couple has agreed that their favorite part was the ceremony itself. “Standing at the end of the corridor, staring blankly into one other’s eyes and entirely oblivious to their surroundings. It seemed as if we were the only people on the beach at that time.”

Kelly is getting ready to begin his seventh season in the league, and he is certain that the timing of this step in their relationship was perfect for them. Kelly is certain that the timing of this stage in their relationship was perfect for them. “We wanted to take the next step, which was to offer God our love and ask for his blessing on what we had done.”

“We are aware that it is unusual for relationships to progress to that point in our generation, and we also made a pact to break a curse that has been in both of our families for lifetimes; we just were ready to be together forever, and what better way to do that than to tie the knot?” “We are aware that it is unusual for relationships to progress to that point in our generation,”

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