Any woman will tell you that being a mother is one of the most remarkable experiences of her life. A woman who was pregnant for the first time with twin girls was unaware of the extraordinary rarity of having such an occurrence until after her daughters were born.

In a world where we may be or do whatever we choose, choosing the path of love and compassion is never a terrible choice. It’s unfortunate, but many individuals are still judged harshly and stigmatized because of the decisions they make in their personal lives.

Nevertheless, rather than hardening their hearts, these beautiful souls serve as a source of optimism and joy for the rest of the world. The tale that we are going to tell you today throws light on how important it is to be understanding, kind, and tolerant of others, and it demonstrates the power that may come from being gracious.

As soon as Savannah Combs learned that she would be having twins, she felt an overwhelming sense of joy. Her joy peaked once the doctors informed her that she was expecting twins who were genetically similar to herself. However, there was still another fascinating piece of data.

There was some reason to believe that at least one of the twins could have been born with Down syndrome; however, Combs did not conduct a diagnostic test to verify this hypothesis. Because the intrusive tests may result in an abortion, she decided against having them done to determine whether or not the infants had any underlying health issues.

Combs was prepared to love her children despite their flaws since she didn’t want to risk losing any of her children. The elated woman who had just given birth to her first baby gushed, “Every prenatal checkup they were alive was a joy for me.”

At the Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, on May 12, 2021, two months before their due date, Combs gave birth to identical twin girls named Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman. Both girls were named after Combs’ daughters. Her little bundles of joy were picture-perfect, but unfortunately, they were an incredibly uncommon occurrence.

When a Canadian parent was forced to defend his kid with Down syndrome against nasty remarks made by strangers, he found himself in the same predicament as the other father.
The fact that Kennadi and Mckenli were Mono/Di twins means that while the girls were born with separate sacs, they shared a placenta. But it wasn’t the only thing that made them stand out from the crowd.

The tiny angels were found to be suffering from a kind of Down syndrome known as Mosaic Down syndrome, which had an incidence rate of one percent in two million. Due to the fact that they were born too soon, the girls were required to stay in the hospital for close to two months.

Combs revealed that in the beginning, her husband, Justin Ackerman, was highly emotionally affected by the diagnosis of the twins. The mother, who was 23 at the time, was aware that many people would criticize both her and her girls, but she saw them as priceless nonetheless.

The mother from Middleburg emphasized that her twin daughters were similar to other children their age. They were capable of both laughter and tears, had unique personalities, and went through mood swings. She used the phrase “beam of sunlight” to describe Kennadi. Mckenli was a “complete diva,” which was a trait that set her apart from her twin sister.

“They are able to communicate, they have beating hearts, they have emotions, they know how to converse, they are able to accomplish the things that you do, and they will succeed. To reiterate, it could be a little behind schedule, but they are going to get it done “remarked Combs during their conversation with News4Jax.

Combs made the decision to film her children’s journey on TikTok despite the fact that she was aware it would result in unfavorable comments being made about her children. Many of the beautiful tiny jewels’ videos have amassed millions of views on TikTok, which indicates that they have become a phenomenon thanks to the internet.

Combs maintains her presence on social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook because she is motivated to inform others about Down syndrome and increase awareness of the condition. Regrettably, there are still those people who would never pass up an opportunity to trash the young mother and her two lovely daughters.

Combs was told by one individual, “I wouldn’t want those kids; if mine came out like that, they would be put up for adoption right away.” The attentive mother had the ideal solution, which she shared in her status update on Facebook:

“You’re lucky they weren’t born to you,” I told her, “because they were born to me.” “God knew what he was doing when he sent these infants to the proper parents who would love them regardless of who they were or what they did,”

Both Mckenli and Kennadi are doing well and are continuing to go to their speech, occupational, and physical therapy appointments on a weekly basis. Combs said that she is ecstatic to be their mother since her twin daughters are maturing and doing new things on a regular basis. We couldn’t agree with her more if we tried!

Combs is a selfless and courageous mother who has made the decision to love her twin daughters despite the backlash they have received. At the same time, she devotes her time and energy to spreading awareness about Down syndrome and to showing love and respect to all people.

When a Canadian parent was forced to defend his kid with Down syndrome against nasty remarks made by strangers, he found himself in the same predicament as the other father. He was adamant that everyone should know that he considered having Down syndrome to be one of his greatest blessings.

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